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Zhangjiajie, China – Hunan: What, How and Why to visit the Avatar Mountains

Zhangjiajie, China – Hunan: What, How and Why to visit the Avatar Mountains

By Micah Moen 0 Comment August 13, 2019

Hi everyone, if you a re going to visit Zhangjiajie
park, here the right place to immagine and organise
you trip. What to expect to see if you visit this place? At the beginning of the journey you will feel
like a child compared to these stone giants. When I started to climb the stairs it almost
seemed to me to climb up to the sky, to the point that once on the top, to my legs
it seemed in reality to go downhill! But the prize for such determination was priceless:
an impressive panorama of rock towers! I thought about the ecosystem that live there
at the top, birds or any animal that want to find a well
inaccessible place. After the bus, on the last trip downhill,
we crossed a huge pink rock wall. Once down, we just crossed the river. Now, just few word on how to visit this amazing
place. I suggest you to start from the village of
Zhangjiajie, 30 kilometres from Zhangjiajie city, and please
sorry for my pronunciation. Following this route, and using your GPS,
it will be easy to go straight and follow the valley,
until you arrive in this point, where you can turn left and start climbing the stairs. It will probably be the longest climbing in
your life, but hold on because at the top, the view will be spectacular. After enjoyed the panorama, in the first bus
station you’ll meet, take the bus, as in the map, until up to Shijiyan
location. From here, you can go down the mountain, to
a lake, and follow the valley up to the stairs you
have previously taken, closing the circle and returning towards the
village of Zhangjiajie. But WHY to visit Zhangjiajie? Ok, if you love cinema you want to find the
floating mountains of James Cameroon’s movie Avatar, inspired
by this place. Ok, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and
here you can find a huge biodiversity. But the real reason to come here, for nature
lovers, is that this landscape seems to belong to
another planet! A view that will remain in your memory forever.

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