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Women in Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch

Women in Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Branch

By Micah Moen 0 Comment March 21, 2020

As a fish and wildlife officer, my main job is to conserve and protect Alberta’s natural resources mainly through education and enforcement. We educate the public on the rules and regulations surrounding all recreation activities, whether it be hunting, fishing, quadding if you’re out on public land and how to recreate safely. I chose to be a fish and wildlife officer because when I was growing up I’ve always enjoyed being outdoors, being active, enjoyed seeing wildlife It just seemed like something natural to come into having the opportunity to educate the public in an area that I am passionate about — natural resources, protecting them and just educating the public as to how they’re able to interact and get these experiences as well through fishing, hunting, and other outdoor recreation activities that we might run into such as OHV. As a fish and wildlife officer in Alberta, we are responsible for all of the resource related law enforcement for the province. So, we enforce all of the acts and regulatins regarding hunting and fishing. In Edmonton, we focus a lot on urban wildlife so deer, moose, and coyotes. And we make sure that everyone is complying with the regulations and everyone is interacting safely with wildlife. As a forensic biologist with Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement, we provide support to the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Officers in the field through technical and scientific analysis such as DNA typing. There’s a number of things about the job that I really care about. It combines a lot of my interests. so science, conservation and natural resources and upholding the law and being a forensic biologist for Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement just makes me part of a team that is working towards a common goal that’s beneficial to all of us. So it’s really nice to know that the work I am doing everyday is a benefit to us and future generations.

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