Willa's Wild Life: Spider Girl / Willa On Ice - Ep.14 - Lake Harding Association

Willa’s Wild Life: Spider Girl / Willa On Ice – Ep.14

Willa’s Wild Life: Spider Girl / Willa On Ice – Ep.14

By Micah Moen 0 Comment February 10, 2020

WILLA’S WILD LIFEó014 ♪ ♪ What would you do ♪ ♪ If you had
your own zoo ♪ ♪ Would you bounce
on a bear ♪ ♪ Let a giraffe
brush your hair ♪ ♪ Have an elephant pick out
your underwear ♪ (Trumpeting) ♪ Willa ♪ ♪ Willa ♪ ♪ Will your wildlife stay
and play a while ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s so much fun
playing Willa-style ♪ ♪ (Seals barking) ♪ Willa ♪ ♪ Willa ♪ ♪ Willa’s Wild Life ♪ Willa’s Wild Life! ♪ Good morning, Dooley. Bad morning. What’s so bad about it? I woke up late, missed
breakfast to catch the bus, and I’m starving. Ah! Starving and wet. GIRL:
Hey, guys! Uh-oh. Here comes Evelyn. So? So my bad morning will only get worse
with gloomy Evelyn around. (Singing) Evelyn?
You’re smiling and singing, and skipping. Why not? (Thunder rumbling) It’s a beautiful day. It is? It is. Sparkle loves the sun. Who’s Sparkle? My pet. Oh, you have a new dog? Uh-uh. A cat? Uh-uh. A hamster? Uh-uh. A fish? Uh-uh. A hippo? Hm. Llama? Sparkle is way more interesting
than a hippo or llama. Come to my house after school
and you can meet her. Okay, sounds great. (Gasping) Sparkle’s amazing. EVELYN:
She’s a “tegenaria domestica”. That’s a scientific way to say
“common house spider”. Can she do any tricks? Spiders don’t do tricks. Well, making a web
is sort of like doing a trick. Sparkle hasn’t spun a web.
Yet. My spider book says they spin
webs when they feel at home. Sparkle just needs
a bit of time. She’s feeling a little shy. My spider book says
that happens all the time. I used to be shy too,
Sparkle. You won’t be shy forever. Attagirl.
Aren’t you pretty. Look.
She’s waving at me. I think she likes me. (Gasping) That’s not a wave. Spiders don’t wave. I think you should go home.
Sparkle needs a nap. Oh, sure. Bye, Evelyn. Bye, Willa. Bye-bye, Sparkle. Hello. Hello. Hello. (Exasperated sigh) Hm. There must be
something in here about how to make friends
with your spider. Hmm. Hi, Dooley.
What’s up? Not me.
I’m down. But you were down
this morning. Now I’m downer. You know
the feeling you get when you fall asleep
on the school bus and miss your stop and have to
walk all the way home? I’ll walk you home. It’s always more fun
to walk with a friend. Hello, everybody. Hey, what are
you guys up to? Oh, you know– (Gasping) What’s the matter, Tiny? Willa! Don’t move! (Gulping) There’s a-a-a– (Stammering) Spider! (Trumpeting) I don’t like spiders. Sparkle,
Did you follow me home? Guys, don’t be afraid. This is Sparkle,
Evelyn’s new friend. Sparkle might look a bit scary,
but she’s super-friendly. And she’s good at checkers. In fact,
she’s better than we are. (giggling) (Crashing) Oopsy. Sorry, Lou. Who’s this? That’s Sparkle the Spider. She’s like a cute little checker
with legs. Is she going to be
staying with us? Nope. I have to take her back
to Evelyn’s. Aww. Not yet. Too bad. Everyone likes you,
Sparkle. Jenny,
will you watch Sparkle? I’ll get a box to carry her
to Evelyn’s house. I’ll do my best. Sparkle is gone. Sparkle’s here. She hitched a ride
on my backpack. I didn’t notice
until I got home. But now
she’s back where she belongs. Where’s Sparkle? What!?
I put her inside when I left. She must have
crawled out an air hole. Oh, no.
Where could she be? Forth. Back. Forth. Back. Forth. (Gasping) Where did it go? It’s here.
It’s caught in a big web. Sparkle’s web. (Giggling) Sparkle’s back. I think she likes us. ‘Cause we like her.
Right, Lou? Um, sorta. (Giggling) Kinda tickly. Sparkle? Sparkle? It’s no use.
We’ll never find her. Yes, we will.
Hey, Sparkle. What was that? DOOLEY:
My shoes. What happened? Your bunnies. They got into my muddy shoes. That bunny’s got some moves. Hey!
Come back here with those! Come on, Evelyn,
let’s check my backyard. What’s the point?
I don’t think she likes me. Maybe I wasn’t meant
to have a pet. Of course you are.
Come on. (Gasping) (Snoring) Wow, looks like Sparkle’s
really made herself at home. But she’s still your spider,
Evelyn. (Groaning) Evelyn looked pretty sad.
Even for Evelyn. I know. Hey, maybe Evelyn just needs
a different kind of pet. (Knocking on door) (Knocking) I’m coming. Hi, Evelyn.
Do you like bunnies? (Sighing) Um, I don’t know. That’s why I brought you
this test bunny. If you like him,
you can get one of your own. (Smooching) Yuck.
Too wet. Too ticklish. Okay, then,
maybe you’d like a nice penguin. Bob? Double yuck. Out! Okay, Evelyn,
I understand. Spiders are great. But so are seals. (Honking) No, please.
Stop the music. Out! Sparkle doesn’t honk. Sparkle doesn’t smell
like a fish. Sparkle doesn’t give
wet kisses. I only want Sparkle. (Crying) Sparkle, I wish you’d spin
a pretty web at Evelyn’s house. I think
it’s her prettiest web yet. I don’t understand why Sparkle’s
so much happier here. Maybe for the same reason
we like it here. We don’t feel like pets
around you. ‘Cause the way you talk to us,
Willa, makes us all feel like
we’re headliners. Steve means you treat us
like your friends. We’re family. That’s right. Everyone should treat
their animals like they’re
your best friends. Except, not everyone does,
sweetie. I don’t know. Sparkle won’t understand
a word I’m saying. Maybe not the words. But I bet she’ll understand
that you care about her. But what do I say? Say what you feel. Sparkle, I wish
we could be friends. ‘Cause, well, I don’t have
a lot of friends. Except for Willa. But she can’t make amazing,
beautiful webs like you do. But it’s not just your webs.
I really like you. A lot. And I really wish
you’d come home with me. It worked. Yippee! Three spider cheers. When we get back to my house,
I mean, our house, how ’bout
I read you a story? I’ll make you
a spider treat… Here we go again. Phew! Good morning,
Dooley. So far, so good. EVELYN:
Hi. Uh-oh. Don’t tell me
Sparkle ran away again. No, Sparkle’s
really happy. So why aren’t you? ‘Cause my parents wouldn’t let
me bring her to school today. I wanted everybody to see
my new pet. I mean, friend. So why don’t you just
bring your friends to see her? (Knocking on door) (Gasping) EVELYN:
I know.
Isn’t it beautiful? DOOLEY:
It’s different. It’s Sparkle. Bob? Bob? Bob! Where did he go? Is there anything more fun
than snow? (Teeth chattering) It’s like ice cream
you can play in. (Giggling) Who doesn’t love winter? GUS:
That’s who. I gotta wear this silly
Bunny suit just to stay warm. Brr. Darn hop-away clothes. I’m a gator, I should
be in a warmer climate. Why don’t
you go inside, Gus? Dad’s sawing wood
to make a fire. (Grunting) Uh-oh, looks like
he could use a hand, or a mouth. Hey!
Thank you, Gus. Instant kindling. Almost full, guys? Then let’s make Willa’s
Winter Wonderland complete. Nice job, Bob.
All we need now is some ice. That’s your clue,
Tiny and Lou! Ready? Ready! Let’er rip, Toenail. Yep, when this water freezes,
Gladys, you’re going to have yourself
one penguin-perfect rink. Thanks, guys.
I can hardly wait. DAD:
Hot chocolate’s waiting! You missed a spot there, Inky. Where? Hey! (Blowing whistle) This is my favorite part
of winter. Nice fire,
hot chocolate with melted– Hm.
Marshmallows. Guess
it’s Gus’s favorite too. But you know what
I like best? Tomorrow morning when Dooley
and I get to go silly skating. (Chuckling) What the–? (Snoring) (Laughing) Whoa!
This is the slickest rink ever. Which makes it perfect
for silly skating. That’s for sure. Whoa! Thanks, Jenny. ♪ Cool, Dools. But I’m kinda dizzy. Ha-ha.
That’s the idea. Hang on. Whoa! (Crashing) (Laughing) It’s official, Dooley. We’re the all-time champion
silly skaters. Hi, Wanda.
Cute rink. Mind if I practice
my figure skating routine? That is,
if you two are done falling? Oh, sure, Sara. And my name is– Cue music. Track three. (Waltz playing over stereo) Wow.
Sara’s really good. And she looks so pretty.
Bet she never falls. Danny? I don’t suppose
you skate well enough to help me practice
my pairs routine, do you? Well… He’s a really good skater. But his name is– Whoa! Track five. ♪ Gosh, Sara. You and Dondi
look great together. And his colorless outfit only
helps the eye focus on yours. Hear that, Davey? I bet if we practiced
a little more, we could be
the best skaters in school. You know,
we probably could. But my name is– Track seven. (Salsa tune playing) Whoa. I wish I could skate
as well as Sara. Sara’s good, but you have fun
on the ice too. I know, but having fun
isn’t the same as being good. Now I’m going to skate
for real. Whoa! Watch Out! (Crashing) (Music stops) (Giggling) How’s a fella supposed to
shovel the driveway without his parka
and ear-flap hat? (Chuckling) Gus. Whoa! Hey! Whoopsie-do! He shoots. He scores! Goalie, goalie,
goalie, goal! (Siren blaring) Come on, Willa. You’re missing some
wonderful winter silliness. Thanks anyway, Jenny.
But I’d rather be a good skater. Like Sara. Okay. Hope you’re ready
for a lot of practice. Sure am.
But I need lessons. Who will I get to teach me? Hey.
You guys are great skaters. Well, we are Penguins,
Gladys. Ice is our middle name. Except for Bob.
His is Lamont. Do you think
you could teach me how to skate
better than Sara? Well, does herring taste better
on the third day? Listen to us and you’ll be
representing the South Pole in the next
winter competition. Welcome to “Learning To Ice
Skate The Penguin Way.” Our first lesson is
“How To Stop.” Whoa! Good start. The most important part
of ice skating is balance. Ooh, snow cone. Yum. Whoa! Lookin’ good. Hey, that practice
is paying off. She deserves a reward. Uh-oh. Whoa! Looks like our non-penguin pupil
is ready for her final exam: The obstacle course. (Blowing whistle) (Whistle) So far, so good. Wait! Stop! Whoa! A poorly-timed bunny kiss is making our Gladys wobble. Congratulations. You’re the first
official graduate of the Penguin Academy
of Skating. Bob, take over. I believe
Bob is speechless. Dad. Dad!
Look what I learned to do. DAD:
Well, hey! Looks like my little girl’s
quite the skater. Kara, Lara, wait till you see
the new show-stopping moves I’ve taught Dickie. It’s actually– Whoa!
Look at that. Way to go, Willa! I never knew
you could skate for real. Thanks, Dooley.
I’ve been practicing. There’s only room on this rink
for one ice princess. Watch this. ♪ (Screeching) Come on, Devon.
It’s show time. I know.
Too cool, huh? But you did great
too, Willa. Thanks, Dooley.
But I’m not done yet. Inky, Blinky, Bob. How can I top
Sara’s last move? Got any ideas? Prepare yourself
for the Pyramid of Penguins. Um, fellas? I’m not sure about
this routine. We’ve never practiced this. Relax, Gladys. You’re a graduate of the Penguin
Academy of Ice Skating. Which makes you
practically a penguin. What could possibly
go wrong? Well, I, um… Let’s do this. Wow!
Way to go, Willa! Wait till you see
our next trick. What next trick? I don’t know. Just start skating
really, really fast. Whoa. Hey! Whoa! Dooley, Sara.
Watch out! Who’s Dooley? Whoa! ALL:
Uh-oh. (Laughing) That was the super-silliest
skating ever. (Giggling) I’ll say. Who cares
who the best skater is. That was a lot of fun,
huh, Sara? Fun? I’ve got snow
in my skating outfit. Help me up, girls. Ow! Ow! This is what I get for
skating with Amateurs On Ice. (Both laughing) Woo-hoo!
All right. Silly skating rules. Ready? Ready! Okay. Let’er rip. ♪ I’ve been reduced to
ski patrol on the bunny hill. ♪

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