Willa's Wild Life: Hidden Treasure / Up, Up and Away - Ep.8 - Lake Harding Association

Willa’s Wild Life: Hidden Treasure / Up, Up and Away – Ep.8

Willa’s Wild Life: Hidden Treasure / Up, Up and Away – Ep.8

By Micah Moen 0 Comment February 11, 2020

♪ ♪ What would you do ♪ ♪ If you had
your own zoo ♪ ♪ Would you bounce
on a bear ♪ ♪ Let a giraffe
brush your hair ♪ ♪ Have an elephant pick out
your underwear ♪ (Trumpeting) ♪ Willa ♪ ♪ Willa ♪ ♪ Will your wildlife stay
and play a while ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s so much fun
playing Willa-style ♪ ♪ (Seals barking) ♪ Willa ♪ ♪ Willa ♪ ♪ Willa’s Wild Life ♪ Willa’s Wild Life! (Car horn honking) (Chittering) Willa. I’m back. Ooh, uh, Willa? Willa? Oh, I need some help
with the– Groceries?
Coming right up. (Bunnies squealing) ♪ (Door closing) (Laughing) (Bunnies laughing and cheering) ♪ Thanks, Lou. Oranges?
Kanga-tastic. Here you are, Edie, baby. Sardines.
He remembered. Yuck! Why would anyone ruin
a delicious can by filling it with sauerkraut? And done.
Oh, good work, everyone. Hey, look like we got a letter
from Grandma Birdie. What does she say? Well she’s doing well, but her house might be getting
a bit much to keep up with. Does she need me and the animals
to go there and help out? (Laughing) Well you are a great helper,
Willa. But I think Grandma
is going to be just fine. Oh, that reminds me, I have to
get something out of the car. (Bunnies cheering) (Whistling) (Chattering indistinctly) Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
Whoo-hoo! Hooray! Yay! Hm. (Gasping) Wow.
What a pretty present. (Whistling) What do you think it is? Who do you think it’s for? Well, Dad did say
I was a great helper. That doesn’t mean
the gift is for you. Jenny’s right.
It could be for me. Hey, hey, hey.
Let us not forget that I haven’t destroyed
anything for five full days. And I am sure we all agree
that that’s worth a gift. It could be egg salad. Who gift wraps
egg salad? Who doesn’t? Hey, what if it’s
a little animal? Like an armadillo. Oh, I hope it is.
I’ve never met an armadillo. I hear they’re nice. (Laughing) I don’t think Dad would get me
an armadillo. But, we should probably check,
just to be sure. Willa, why don’t you just ask
your dad who the gift is for? And ruin his surprise? Besides I don’t want
to bother him. And one little peek
can’t hurt. (All gasping) Hey, where’d it go? If it’s an armadillo in a box,
it could have gone anywhere. Oh, no.
If it’s egg salad, it could spoil at any minute.
Spoil! We’ll have to search
the house. Ten hut. (Trumpeting) Steve and Edie,
you look upstairs. Tiny and Lou,
the garage. Inky, Blinky and Bob,
the front of the house. Jenny– I think I’d rather stay out of this. Okay.
KoKo, you come with me. The rest of you, split up. (Feet scampering) Tsk, tsk. (Snoring) ♪ Did anyone find anything? I found my missing bracelet. I found the TV remote. (Burping) Oops. You could read
a book instead. (Laughing) We found a whole bunch
of loose change. But I don’t understand. Hey. Wait a minute. (Whistling) (Coin clattering) Bob! (Laughing) Well, that’s it. We’ve searched
the whole house. Not the whole house. There’s still one place we
haven’t looked: Dad’s office. Willa, you’re not thinking
of going in there, are you? It has to be in there.
We’ve looked everywhere else. Yes. However, if you rifle
through his office while he’s working,
he’s bound to notice. You know, Dad’s been working
awfully hard lately. He probably wants
a break. (Yawning) (Crashing) Huh? What could that be? (Screaming) (Seals barking) My golf clubs. ♪ (Making armpit sounds) That’s the signal. Now, be very careful. Don’t disturb anything. Hey! Whoa!
Hey, hey, hey! No! Whoa! Hey, hey, no! Oh, so you want
to play golf, huh? (Laughing) (Gasping) (All squealing) Where could it be? Hm. (Gasping) Ah-ha! Wow. A little heavy
for an armadillo. It’s just got
to be egg salad. (Sniffing) Doesn’t smell like egg salad. ALL:
Oh. Willa– (All screaming) ALL:
Phew! You know it’s not an animal
or egg salad, so now you can put it back. Maybe just one little peek. Just so we’ll know
absolutely for sure. (Paper ripping) It’s a– Huh? What is it? (Gasping) It’s definitely not
an armadillo. It must be some kind of toy. I wonder how it works. (Whirring) ALL:
Turn it off! Turn it off! Turn it off! I– I can’t. Here. (Screaming) (Screaming) Ah! It’s eating Dad’s office! “The Vroominator: the automatic, self-guided
vacuum cleaner.” A vacuum cleaner? Why would Dad give me
a vacuum cleaner? Men, don’t let it
get out of– The room. Heh-heh. I am in so much trouble. Now in a shot like this, it’s very important to… (Crashing) Whoa! Willa! (Gasping) TINY: Willa! (Garbage cans clattering) (Whimpering) (Whirring) (Screaming) Oh, no! KOKO:
Quick. Over there. WILLA:
Grab it. (Whirring) (Turning off) Willa. Can you give me a good
explanation for all this? Um, well, not a good
explanation. That was a special surprise
for Grandma Birdie to help her clean her house. Oh. Oh. I’m really sorry. But the wrapping was so pretty that I just had to know
what was inside. And I thought maybe it was a…
I mean, for me. And I… Did I mention that I’m really,
really sorry? Dad, it wasn’t right for me
to go snooping. And I shouldn’t have opened it. Now I wrecked Grandma’s gift. I’m sorry. Ahem, well, it looks like
it’s just clogged. So I’ll clean it out
and it’ll be as good as new. But next time,
you’ll check with me before you open something that
doesn’t belong to you, right? Oh, I will. But I think it’ll be a long time before I deserve
any kind of present. Actually, I do have a little
something for you. (Gasping) Here you go. If you help me
straighten this room out so I can re-hang
the curtains, I’d say we’re awfully close
to getting back on track. Sure, Dad.
You know I’m a great helper. Come on, gang,
there’s no time like the… present. I’m bored. I wish something exciting
was going on. Wish away. Nothing exciting
ever happens around here. INKY:
Whoo-hoo-hoo. Ride ’em cowboy. BLINKY:
Whoo-hoo! Go, Bob! What did I say? Nothing exciting
ever happens around here. (Dad whistling) Oh! Ha-ha-ha. (All cheering) Hey. Oh, please, no. Oh! WILLA:
Hi, Dad. We’re home. Hi, guys,
how was school today? Great. Uh, what’s all this? DOOLEY:
There’s a kite-building
contest at school. See? And the winner gets a ride in a hot air balloon. (Whistling) I’ll get my tools. Um, actually, Dad, it’s not against the rules
or anything for you to help, but Dooley and I
were kind of thinking we’d like to do this
on our own, if that’s okay. I’ve been doing
lots of research.“Advanced Theories
in Kite Making.”
So with Dooley’s know-how
and my big ideas, we’re going to make the most
amazing kite ever. Well, I’m sure you will. I can’t wait to see it.
Have fun, kids. (Humming) Hi, Wallace. Ah, Willa, KoKo,
beautiful day. Yes, sky so blue, I’m going
to capture it on canvas. Of course you can’t actually
capture the sky. No, no. But you can paint a very nice
portrait of it. (Laughing) (Wind gusting) ♪ (Chomping) DOOLEY:
And that should do it. DAD:
Fantastic. It’s better than fantastic. It’s fan-tabulous. It’s the best kite
in the whole world. Come on.
Let’s see it fly. ♪ (Humming) (Bunnies chittering) (Both laughing) A majestic achievement
of modern aerodynamics. We couldn’t have done it
without all your help. It’s the most wonderful,
most– WILLA:
Whoa. Look at that. Fabulous, isn’t it? It’s only the latest thing
in kite designs. With this year’s
trendiest colors. Oh, brother. (Blowing) (Cackling) (Humming) Two kites?
Huh, my mistake. (Laughing) Huh? Our kite is so posh. (All laughing) I guess our kite
isn’t so good after all. What are you talking about?
It’s great. I know. We can start all over
and build a whole-new kite. Bigger than Sara,
Kara and Lara’s. Nah, I like this kite. Oh, I understand. You don’t think we can
build a kite that big. Of course we can. Hey, wait a minute. Then it’s settled.
We’ll make a new kite, with great big wings
and long tail. Well, that would be
a challenge. But where are we going
to get the material to build a kite that big? Hm, there’s got to be
some material somewhere. (All gasping) Do pardon
the interruption. (Snoring) (Dad singing
operatic notes) She’ll obviously
prefer mine. Yours is covered
with soap. Yeah? Well, yours has got
jelly stains. Are you going to eat that? Mine’s the kanga-cutest. (Laughing) Hi, guys. So which is it to be? This marvelous creation with its
delightful yellow tones… And jelly stains. …or something ordinary? Hm. They’re so different
and all so beautiful. I’m going to choose all of them. (Kite thumping) Oh, did I mention the bigger and heavier
the kite is, the more wind it needs
to take off? Oh, heh-heh, right. More wind,
coming right up. (Inhaling deeply) (Exhaling) Whoa, check it out. (Laughing) (Bunnies giggling) Oh, great gadfly. Gotten it wrong again. So Wendalina thinks she can
build a bigger kite than ours. I think not. Hm! Hm! Armand,
make the kite bigger. Bigger? Very well,
Miss Sara. Well, it is bigger. And it maneuvers better. But something
is just not right. Wow. (All laughing) (Sighing) It seems I require
more paint. Come on, Dooley. We’ve got
to make a whole-new kite. (Sighing) As if she’s going to build
a bigger kite than ours. (All laughing) ALL:
Armand! All that hard work
and it’s still not enough. I’ve heard that practice makes
perfect, but I got news for you: I thought that first kite
was great. Um, you two are building
another kite? We have to. Sara, Kara and Lara made their
kite even bigger. And it twirls and writes
in the sky and– You know, I’m new at this kite
competition thing, but why does your kite have to
be bigger than anyone else’s? Shouldn’t you fly
the one you like? The one you thought was the
greatest kite of all time? Well, this kite
was so much fun to make. And it really flies well.
And I love the color. You know what, Dad? I like this kite best. It’s still my favorite. So it’s not the biggest and it
can’t do all the fancy tricks. That doesn’t matter. The most important thing
is that we like it. And now that we have all this
extra fabric, we can add a tail. It’ll give it
extra stability. Then let’s go. (Laughing) Very nice. Good. Very creative. Excellent workmanship. We’re here, Mr. Tremble. (Spectators gasping) How very large. ALL:
Thank you, Mr. Tremble. Is that your kite? It sure is. Good luck to all
our kite makers. Now, let’s fly
those kites. (Spectators applauding) It’s too big, Miss Sara. There is not enough wind
for it to fly. Then get more wind. Do we have to think
of everything? Gadzooks. (All laughing) (Grumbling) (Bunnies squealing) Huh? Well done, lads. As you see, all it takes
is a steady hand and a keen eye
for detail. Huh? Huh? (Gasping) (Wind gusting) Ah! Whoa! It’s no use.
The kite, she’s too heavy. (All screaming) Whoa. The winner is… the highest kite. (Gasping) That’s us. ALL: What? (All applauding) Congratulations, Willa and
Dooley, on your fine kite. Gee, thanks,
Mr. Tremble. Next year, I’m judging
tiddlywinks . Indoors. And from now on, we’re sticking
with what we like, from the beginning. Well, seems like a perfectly
good kite to me. (Chomping) Eh, could use a little ketchup. (All moaning) Oh, this is so exciting. We thought we’d be scared but we’re not scared
one little bit. Hot air balloons
are kanga-tastic. (Laughing) Oh, yay! Whoo-hoo! Yay! Whoo-hoo! Yes. And imagine
how thrilling it would be if we were to get off
the ground. Hm, you think we should
take turns? ♪

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