Willa's Wild Life: Feathered Friends / Forgetting Sara - Ep.24 - Lake Harding Association

Willa’s Wild Life: Feathered Friends / Forgetting Sara – Ep.24

Willa’s Wild Life: Feathered Friends / Forgetting Sara – Ep.24

By Micah Moen 0 Comment February 10, 2020

♪ What would you do
if you had your own zoo? ♪ ♪ Would you bounce on a bear?
Let a giraffe brush your hair? ♪ ♪ Have an elephant
pick out your underwear? ♪ ♪ Willa, Willa ♪ ♪ Will your wildlife stay
and play a while? ♪ ♪ Because it’s so much fun
playing Willa style ♪ ♪ ♪ Willa, Willa ♪ ♪ Willa’s Wild Life ♪ Willa’s Wild Life! (Giggling) Ah, the delightfully
scorching air of a hot summer day. It’s just like the old outback. Nice and toasty. Oh, and the best part is,
it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity. Aaahh. Oh! That’s the worst part. My feathers are getting fried. Guys, why don’t you come in the
pool? It feels great. Holy mackerel. That water isn’t even close to
being ice cold. Who wants to swim in that? Cannonball. How about an ice cream cone?
That’ll cool you off. Thanks… but it’s
not helping much. Let’s get out of this sauna. You said it, Blinkster. It’ll be good to put our feet up
on an ice cold– What the… Our apartment’s been turned
into a storage shed. Calm down Bob. We’ll fix this. What the… Willa! I’m sorry, guys. The ice cream has to go back in
the freezer or it’ll melt. But Gladys, that’s our place. I know. But it’s
been so hot lately, Dad’s been buying a lot
more ice cream and stuff. (Playing violin) Where will we go?
What will we do? Guys, I’ve got an idea. You’re really going
to love the attic. It’s a fixer-upper.
But it’s got potential. Right you are, Bob.
Cool this place down and it’ll be perfect
for playing ice puckster. Ice… puckster?
What’s ice puckster? It’s only the greatest
penguin game ever. Hey, we can invite all the
penguins over to play. You know other penguins? Of course. But our old apartment
was so small there was no room
for company. And the light always went out
when we shut the door. It sure would be nice to get
back together with the old gang. Flightless birds of a feather
palling around together. Okay Gladys, we’ll take it. But it’s going to take weeks
to turn this place around. Not when you have
friends to help. Thanks a lot, chums. Aahhh… And spray! Nice coffee table, Blinky. Actually, Inky,
it’s an iced coffee table. Thanks Gladys.
This is perfect. The other penguins
are going to love this. And wait till you meet them. You’re really
going to love ’em. (Doorbell ringing) Here they come. Henry. Smitty. Boomster. Long time, no see. I love what you’ve
done with your beak. What do you think
of the new digs? And say hello to
Gladys and the gang. They helped us remodel. Welcome. Good day. How ya doing? Hmm. That didn’t
seem very nice. I believe we’ve been insulted. I have to agree with you Humpy. And believe me, I know insults. Oh, they’re just a little shy. They’ll warm up,
once they get to know you. Who are those guys? And who are they?
Maybe Henry invited them. But this is your place,
he shouldn’t do that. It was probably just
an innocent mistake. A once-in-a-lifetime oops. Make that twice in a lifetime. (Music playing) ♪ Oh oh oh, I got it. Hey, pal. That was my puck. I got it! Nooo! Great game, isn’t it? I wouldn’t know. Your friends
aren’t allowing us to play. Well, maybe you’ll like
“shuffle slide” better. I’ll give it a go. Look out! Hey, hey, hey, don’t go. The
party’s just getting started. Nah. We know when
we’re not wanted. But we’re going to be
bobbing for herring. I don’t understand
it either, Bob. How can two great groups
not get along? We’re penguins! Nature’s hug. (Loud music) Willa! Yes, Dad? Oh, Willa, I’m trying
to concentrate here. Could you and the penguins
please keep the noise down? Oh, sure Dad. Sorry. Um, was she wearing– Nah. ♪ Sorry Gladys, we asked them to
be quiet but they didn’t listen. You know, I’m beginning to think
these guys aren’t very nice. I can’t believe we thought
that feathered friends would be better friends. I guess there’s more to being
friends than just being alike. You said it, Gladys. I couldn’t agree
with you more, Bob. You’re our best
friend, Gladys. And the rest of the gang at the
zoo come in a close second. Huh? Hey, Gladys isn’t
a trash can. Okay, that’s it! (Whistling) (Music stops) The party’s over. Anybody who treats our friends
badly isn’t a friend at all. We’re going to have
to ask you all to leave. (Music starts again) Didn’t you hear me? Beat it. Am-scray. Hit the road. Gladys. They won’t leave. I know a way to get
them to want to leave but we’d have to put the attic
back the way it was. Say goodbye to our new home? Bob’s right. As long as we have
you and our zoo friends, we’re better off sharing an
apartment with frozen peas. It’s working. Well, thanks for quieting
things down, Willa. No problem Dad. But Inky, Blinky and Bob need to
move back into the freezer. Can we find some place else
to put the frozen food? Hmm… Well… Dooley’s
parents have an old freezer they’ve been trying
to get rid of. I guess we can
put it in the garage. And that would give us the
summer cottage we’ve always dreamed of. Thanks Dad. Um, you’re welcome… Everyone. (Creaking) Uh oh. I wonder what that is. Dad, nooo… Willa… An indoor water ride. Perfect thing on a hot day,
huh Dad? On hot day like this,
you know what you need? Ta-da! KoKo’s special,
all-natural lemonade. Perfect for quenching
the driest of throats. Ohhh, yippee! Yay! Maybe next time I’ll
add some water and sugar. Thanks for taking
us to the park. Yeah, Willa. I don’t know
whether to swing, or slide, or hang upside down on the
jungle gym. Um… guys? That’s not exactly
an elephant-sized playground. But we can still
have tons of fun. SARA:
…Seventy-one, seventy-two… Like jumping rope. …seventy-three, seventy four– Sara? When is it going
to be our turn to jump? I think my arm’s
getting dizzy. Now you’ve made
me lose count. Faster. I’m an advanced jumper. Sara, Kara, Lara…
I’ve got a great idea. Hey. Oops. Anyway, Tiny and Lou just
love to swing ropes. So we can all play together. Cool. All right. C’mon Sara,
there’s plenty of room. Thanks anyway, Wendy. But Kara and Lara and I were
just about to go to the mall. Right, girls? Gee, Sara… I’d kinda like to
play a little longer with Wanda. Me, too.
And her two rhinos. Well, I’d rather
go to the mall. Hmph. I hope Sara’s not mad. Who? Elephant jump rope.
What a great game, Willa. Actually, my name is… Hey, you got it right. (Laughing) …So you actually played with
Kara and Lara all morning? Uh-huh. And Tiny and Lou, too. Bonza! This is the best
news ever, Willa. Whoa. Super-oopsie. Kara and Lara are
in the cool girl club. So when you play with them,
that makes you cool, too. It does? So you’re going to play with
them again, right? I guess. But you and my other animals
are plenty “cool” to me. Waxing the ol’ jalopy is a big job for this
one-chamois operation. Huh? Hm. You cottontails have earned
some extra carrots tonight. Um… excuse us? Oh hi, Kara, Lara and…
oh… no Sara? Is Willa home? She’s in the back
with her animals. Hey you buffin’ bunnies
missed a spot. On your mark, get set… Go! ♪ And the winner of the Backyard
Animal Obstacle Course Race is– Bob. By a beak. (Cheering) You’re still the champ, Bob. Hi, Willa. Do you want
to play with us some more? Oh. Sure, Kara. And Lara. But where’s Sara? She’s always so bossy, so we don’t want to
play with her anymore. Oh. So what do you want to do? Um… I don’t know. Sara usually tells us
what we want to do. Well… do you want
to play with my animals? Okay, who do we
make fun of first? The roly-poly hairy thing? Or the way too happy,
hoppy creatures? No, we don’t make fun of them. We have fun with them. For your first animal obstacle
course race, you’re doing great. Whoa… Pretty fun, huh? I guess. If your idea of fun
is a playground… …that growls when
you step on its nose. Sorry, Gus. We’ll be more
careful in the next race. Or… we could play
something else? Please? I think Kara and Lara
want to play a game they’re more used to. Okay. How about we play dolls? Your hat is so much cuter than what the other dolls
are wearing, Dayson. Thanks, Angela. And your purse is super-cooler
than theirs, too. Um… Bob here thinks
everybody looks really nice. The Willa way of playing dolls is way more fun
than the Sara way. No kidding. Sara’s doll
usually makes our dolls cry. (Laughing) (KoKo singing) Now that you’re friends
with Kara and Lara, you’ll need a cool outfit to
wear to school tomorrow. Um… thanks anyway, KoKo. I think I’ll just wear
what I usually do. Right. That’s just
what a cool kid would do. Sounds like somebody’s getting a
little kanga-cuckoo… And that’s what a cool kid
would say. “Kanga-cuckoo. Kanga-cuckoo.” Whoa. What put the
extra hop in her hippity? KoKo’s just excited because I’m sorta part
of the cool crowd now. Well, I guess that’s… cool. As long as you don’t stop
being my little Willa. What do you mean, Dad? You know, the nice girl you
already are. Now that’s cool. Nighty-night, honey. Good night. Thanks for the ride, Samuel. KARA AND LARA:
Thanks for the ride, Samuel. Hey, Willa. Check it out. Somebody doesn’t
look so cool… …In that not-Willa outfit.
Right, Willa? I think Sara looks fine. Except maybe kinda sad. Hi Kara. Hi Lara. Why are you dressed like Wanda? Her name happens to be Willa. That’s right, Sandra. You know my name is Sara. (Laughing) Ummm… Can I talk
to you, Sara? Why? So you can make fun of me
for not being cool like you? No. I wanted to invite you to play at my house
after school today. Really? Why? Kara and Lara
are coming over and I thought we could
all play together. That does sound fun. Only I don’t think Kara
and Lara like me anymore. Sure they do. But maybe you
should try being… nicer to them. Nicer. I think I can do that. Like… “That’s a
really pretty outfit.” Really? No. I was just being nice. This is easy. See you later. Hi, Billy, great haircut. Cindy, love that lunchbox. C’mon, girls. Everybody
can play Elephant limbo. Everybody can play? Look, it’s Sara. What is she doing here? I invited her, so we
can all be cool together. Hi Kara. Hi Lara.
I brought taffy. ‘Cause I remembered
it’s your favorite treat. Taffy is your favorite treat. Yeah, Sally. Oh. Sorry. I think bringing a treat was a
very nice thing to do, Sara. Whatever. I know. I’ll go round up
some bunnies and we can play dolls. That poor little girl.
No one wants her taffy. We love taffy.
Let’s make her feel at home. Oh, right behind you, Lou. Um… Willa? Hey. Free taffy. Line forms behind me. Okay, girls, I’ve got the– Oh no. Ewww! Sorry, everybody. I guess taffy and my animals
don’t mix, huh? I’ve got taffy in my hair. And on my clothes. Eww. And there’s sticky bunny fur
everywhere. Ugh. Let’s go to my house and swap
these messy outfits for some of my
nice, clean ones… I mean, if you want to. Thanks, Sara. We can’t wait to
un-Wanda our wardrobe. Sorry, Willa. Looks like Sara took your
spot in that sticky clique I don’t mind, KoKo. I wanted us all to
have fun together, but I guess they’d
rather just be “cool.” Thanks for being nice to me,
Wanda. I mean… Willa. Well she did get my name right. So maybe that’s a start. This has to be
the stickiest taffy we’ve ever been
stuck together with. Hey, Bob. Give us
a hand, would you? (Playing harp) ♪ ♪

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