WHY I WANT TO BECOME MORE ECO-FRIENDLY | Small (But Expensive) LUSH Haul + 1st Impression - Lake Harding Association

WHY I WANT TO BECOME MORE ECO-FRIENDLY | Small (But Expensive) LUSH Haul + 1st Impression

WHY I WANT TO BECOME MORE ECO-FRIENDLY | Small (But Expensive) LUSH Haul + 1st Impression

By Micah Moen 0 Comment August 25, 2019

so as an effort to save the world and
get a little bit crafty I kind of went a little bit crazy at blush now I didn’t
go crazy where like I spent a ton of money there but as we know lush is super
expensive I wouldn’t say like overpriced but I
guess this kind of overpriced if you pay $15 for a bar soap but they do use
Fairtrade ethically sourced products or ingredients in their products they’re
pretty much environmentally friendly because most of their products are
packaged in paper and you can purchase tins in which to put those products some
of their products that they sell are in plastic bottles but I think for the most
part they’re really trying to be more friendly and I really really want to try
to be more equal friendly so the other day my husband and I were watching a
Netflix documentary or series called our planet I literally cried during the
scene where all the ice and the Arctic was melting melting off into the sea if
you want to be more eco-friendly I definitely recommend that you watch best
series just so it can really kick you in the ass to want to save our planet and
if you have the thoughts of like how can one person do so much I can’t do
anything if my family members won’t do it I can’t do anything that my friends
won’t do it one person can make a difference and that person is going to
be you take it seriously you live on this planet it affects you personally so
why not try to save the planet to save your own life and everyone else’s – also
if you are planning to have a family in the future which I am I definitely don’t
want my children to have to go through all of this I am so scared about what is
going to happen to our planet year after year what I’m going to do in
this video is I’m going to show you my haul it’s a small haul and then at the
end of the video so stay tuned until the end of the video I will come back and
tell you about my first impressions using each product I am planning on
using each product in this bag if I can remember to use them and if I can
actually incorporate them into my routine the first lush haul that I made
was in Amsterdam and I really like it there it’s such a beautiful country and
I love that they speak English and all of the labels in the store were in
English so I was able to read everything of course when you go into a lush I
don’t know if it’s the same everywhere because today my husband and I went to a
lush here in Germany and none of the sales associates actually came up to us
and asked us if we needed any help which I like because I like to experiment with
things I like to smell things I like to touch things on my own sales associate
at the Amsterdam lush came up to us and like brought us through everything so my
initial reason for going into lush in the first place was to pick up some
bubble bars because we finally had a really nice and clean bathtub at our
Amsterdam hotel and I remember that blush has super popular bath bombs did
we use any of them absolutely not because on our last day we ended up
taking a nap and waking up too late and I wanted to go swimming instead of take
your bath so we’re gonna wait until probably we get back to my house in
order for us to take a bath and play around with these things so I’m sorry I
can’t tell you about these things yet but I will update you in the future if
you haven’t followed me in Instagram yet definitely do just because I know I’m
really sporadic with my content on there but whenever I do updates and I want to
update you guys with things I will do it over there okay so since I went to the
Amsterdam lush first I’m going to show you what I got from there so the bath
bomb that I ended up getting it’s not a bath bomb I ended up getting a bubble
bar this is the bubble bar that we got this is called the comforter and the
reason we picked this one is because it smells the best in terms of like bubble
gum candy sense they have some other ones that smells so good especially the
one that looks like a jawbreaker but we just picked this one because I
think it was kind of expensive I will link everything down below and I will
also put the price tags there I didn’t really know exactly what I wanted a bath
balm or a bubble bar but I figured having bubbles would be really fun and I
forgot why I picked the bulbar instead of the bath bomb I think I asked her if
they were moisturizing she said like some of them are
especially the ones that have like a little middle part of shea butter but
this one might be more moisturizing than the matching bath bomb so I ended up
getting this one and of course because she wanted to sell more to me I ended up
getting the mint bubble brush all by the way I had very strict criteria for my
bath bombs I did not want any of them a head glitter this is the mint bubble
brush and basically all it does is it releases this color which is blue what
you can do with it is you can actually write things in bubbles it smells really
good very minty and I don’t know I guess I had like a little bit of fun with the
sales associate because I asked her which scent would match the comforter
and I actually liked the lemon one but we settled for this one just because I
guess I like the color a little bit and I do like invigorating sense so this
should be fun I will try to capture that on camera for you in the future and then
I told the sales associate that there was a product that I used to use a long
time ago that I actually loved so much I wanted to go back and get my favorite
products and it’s a massage bar I couldn’t remember which massage bar I
used so I ended up going with something else
this massage bar is called Tender is the night as a cute little pink flower in it
it doesn’t do anything it’s just cute little pink flower but I also got the
tin and of course that costs extra but it’s so worth it just because it houses
the products that you buy that are packaged free otherwise they just give
them to you in these bags the reason I got a massage bar is because my skin is
so dry how many times will have to say that and I wanted to get something that
was one package free but also something that brought me back to that time when I
really loved that massage bar she sold me on this one because I wanted to know
which one was like the most moisturizing which all of them are but she sold me on
this by telling me that this is pretty much the easiest to apply to the skin so
this one has more room group butter I don’t know if it has shea butter as a
second ingredient but it’s so freakin moisturizing I have been using this for
I don’t know I think all week now and I love it I just apply it to my damn skin
but I make sure that I don’t have any drops of water left on my skin after the
shower and then I just rub it in with my hands so a massage bar is literally just
a bar of oil it’s melting up on the skin contact as we speak so I don’t want to
hold on to it for that long very oily it does take a little bit of time to soak
in but it just leaves my skin so moisturized until the next morning and I
don’t really feel like I have that tight feeling on my legs anymore so I
mentioned this at the beginning of the video I want a DIY a lot of my skincare
Bath care hair care products just because I want to save the planet and
lush is seriously giving me so much inspo to do that and I already placed an
order on the German Amazon obviously to get some butters in and some other
ingredients to make my own stuff on so the products that I bought at lush today
at Dortmund they have one in Dortmund they have one in essence but they don’t
even have one at all it’s so weird I got five products so the first one is Buffy
Buffy is an exfoliating bar basically uses in a shower as exfoliator the
reason I wanted to go on this trip is just to get an idea of the consistency I
like look at the ingredients and just get more inspiration on making my own
stuff so I know it’s kind of like crazy because I already placed that order
before we went to lush today but just to get inspiration what this has is rice it
also has almonds there is something in here but I can’t read German I’ll let
you know either on the screen or in the description box it’s just a base of
cacao butter which is cocoa butter and shea butter so it’s super moisturizing
and it’s also going to exfoliate the body I really want to make my own
exfoliating bars just because it’s so much easier to use especially when
you’re traveling so I know I said that the Frank body scrubs are my favorite
coffee scrubs of all time I would probably buy them for the rest of my
life but if this works out for me I will probably just switch to these the next
product that I picked up is the good day sunshine soap this is a
bar so I wanted to try a more moisturizing soap and go back to bar
soap so you see use bar soaps as a kid I think most of us have anyway and again
to reduce my packaging wait how beautiful is this bar of soap I’m not
gonna use any artificial coloring in my own skincare I’m just gonna make like
the most basic things whatever I choose to put in there that maybe gives it a
little bit of colors like the root juice but when would I ever do that again
unless I’m like juicing something and drinking it it has citrus in here it has
a base of cocoa butter it also has extra virgin coconut oil
glycerin so yeah again like lush has super moisturizing products and I really
want to know if super moisturizing bar soaps can be as cleansing and as
effective as bar soaps that you buy at the drugstore
smells delicious like fresh oranges I unfortunately don’t have a tin for this
because they don’t sell one for this one I think I could have bought one and
tried to like cut them into pieces like for instance I could have bought another
tin for the massage bar but I didn’t think about that so we’re gonna try to
use this in a shower tonight and lastly I picked up a shampoo bar now this might
be a little difficult for me to DIY because a lot of the lush shampoo bars
or maybe all of their shampoo products the very first ingredient is sodium
lauryl sulfate which if you don’t know is a cleansing agent you see this
ingredient in your skincare and your cleansers and you see them in your
shampoos it’s not exactly the I don’t know hottest ingredient to have because
it could be very harsh to be very stripping but I mean again I just want
to see I don’t know if you can even buy sodium lauryl sulfate like if I type
them into Amazon so I’m gonna have to see that for myself but that’s not an
ingredient that I would like in my shampoo either I think a lot of my
shampoos don’t contain this ingredient so maybe I can look
the shampoos that I have been using that don’t have this ingredient and try to
substitute it so this is the shampoo bar called montalbano
I have no idea if I’m saying that right I’m really sorry from butchering that
this is new apparently the smell is very good we were looking at all the shampoo
bars and the reason I went with this one is because my husband really likes the
smell of it but also because it claims to make your hair shiny they have one
that has argan oil in it it smells like rose and I did not like smell of that
surprisingly because I do like the scent of rose I wanted to get it because we
shampoo our hair every day so obviously I want something more moisturizing but I
just wanted this one just because it smells good this has citrus lemon peel
in it citrus lemon juice wow there’s a lot of lemon peel in here
a lot of fruit extract rosemary does have a base of olive oil so that’s
pretty nice I think this one has pretty good reviews I was looking at they’re
super popular like bestseller shampoo it was just big and it comes in that black
tub that you can upcycle or you can bring it back and they will give you
like a free face mask or something like that but I definitely wanted to go
package free and just get these bars it has a citrus fruit in there as you
can see it looks totally molded but it’s not and I’m excited Jesus and I did buy
an accompanying tin for it I asked a sales associate at the Amsterdam lush if
it’s okay to put any of these products in the shower it products my melt if you
keep them in the shower so I wouldn’t do it but generally if you don’t live in a
too humid place and once you’re obviously these are okay the bathroom is
fine okay after this now I will come back and tell you my first impressions
of each product you guys it’s the day after it’s actually live in like 24
hours after I did my lush haul I wanted to wait until my hair was a hundred
percent dry so right before bed to come back and update you guys but I fell
asleep 1 and 2 I wanted to give it like another try mostly the shampoo bar to
see if I would like it but I guess based on first impression
I like how much it lathers let me tell you it lathers like Cory Z and lather is
like a dream I was running it under the water like this just to get a lather and
put it on my head and I didn’t expect so much lather I’m sorry I don’t have any
clips it’s just really difficult to film yourself in the shower and I really
don’t understand how a lot of youtubers can do that because either they have
like super nice bathrooms that don’t get cold or they have like heated bathrooms
I don’t know but anyways trust me when I say that the shampoo bar lather is like
a dream and the reason I don’t really like it is because it left my hair kind
of dry a little bit straw like I’ve complained so many times about this city
in particular in Germany that makes my hair so dry but this make my hair even
drier you can’t really tell unless you can it’s just very frizzy it doesn’t
feel silky I’m pretty disappointed I’m just gonna give this to my husband to
use up he’s okay with it and his hair actually looks a lot less greasy than it
normally is next one is Buffy and I loved Buffy if you can see I actually
shaved off enough of the soap or the moisturizing part of the bar and now all
of the beans and rice particles are exposed and that’s when the exfoliation
really started to come in and I felt that pretty much all over my body
wasn’t super scratchy but it’s not like the most soothing or smooth kind of
texture to put on your skin so if you have like super sensitive skin things
tend to scratch you a little bit more and you don’t really like that then I
wouldn’t recommend Buffy they do have other exfoliating bars that I fail to
notice when I was there this was the first one that I saw but other than that
I think the Buffy bar is amazing and it would be great to travel with I think
this is even better to travel with than deFrank body scrubs or in handles like
tub scrubs because you can just take this into the shower and rub it all over
your body I did go in with the bar soap after that because I can’t remember if
the exfoliating body bar is a soap or not so
I just went in with this hope afterward and also because I told you that I would
try it we put the bar soap in one of these soap savers that I showed in a
haul like last year I think and I got these soap savers from Bed Bath & Beyond
these soap savers are amazing because they prevent yourself from getting wet
and from deteriorating really fast like if you leave them in the soap dish
things in the wall you’re never gonna see your soap lasts that long so I
recommend picking these up I will try to link this if I can because I tried to
link it in that video last year and they didn’t have it online oh my god it’s
like so hard to get out and there’s soap shavings all over the table now I really
like this soap it was actually really moisturizing the Buffy bar was very
moisturizing so I really appreciate that about lush products and it’s getting me
really really excited to make my own stuff so that my skin doesn’t dry out
but this doesn’t leave your skin as sticky as the traditional parcels that
you get at the store although there is a slight stickiness but it’s really not
that bad so I will say that I don’t like the shampoo bars and I think the culprit
is the sodium lauryl sulfate which is an ingredient I do not use in my skincare
skincare my haircare products anymore the Buffy one I recommend it’s amazing
and I will definitely make my own after this I could probably use some ground-up
rice myself but I don’t have a food processor so I’ll tell you in the future
if the coffee grounds work and then the bar soap is actually really nice because
it’s very moisturizing doesn’t leave your skin too sticky but I would just
make my own bar soap and let me know how that goes
I hope you guys get inspiration from this video and encouragement to save the
planet by going more package freak I’ve been doing a lot of eco-friendly things
and I have been trying to do my research on equal friendly beauty brands I will
continue to do videos like this so that we can both save the planet and have fun
with it too very soon in the future probably when I visit my husband here
again I will come out with a video about all the ways that we have been going to
be more eco-friendly so if you would like to see that video and you haven’t
subscribed it back subscribe if you would like a channel
update which I did to know my new schedule about where this channel is
going where my mind is at I will link that video in the description box or you
can catch it in my end screen and watch it next

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