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What’s marketing’s role in the business ecosystem?

What’s marketing’s role in the business ecosystem?

By Micah Moen 0 Comment August 14, 2019

Marketing is fundamental. If you think about what
marketing is, marketing is really everything. If you think about it you can
have the best product in the world, and, if no one knows
about it, then it doesn’t mean anything. Now if you think about the
flip side of that– a colleague of mine once said
that the absolutely worst thing that could happen to a bad
product is good marketing. So the way I think about it, you
think about marketing is a fundamental activity. It’s critical to the business
discipline because it communicates a message, and
you’re attempting to reach that message, take that message
through advertising, et cetera to a group of
consumers and compel them to do something– to buy in some instances, to
market certain kinds of products, et cetera. If you think about
it, marketing is fundamental to life. So if you think about it,
what isn’t marketing? We market every day. As human beings, we’re
marketing ourselves. We’re marketing ideas. We’re trying to communicate a
message to group of people or individuals and get them
to do something.

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