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By Micah Moen 1 Comment March 26, 2020

Welcome to Wetlands Watch Today we have a jam-packed show. Jonathan Feathers: Yes, thanks. The first feature tells the perils we can face when humans get careless Ah, not again! Phew, that was close. Next up is the travel feature I’m so cold and hungry – time for a holiday! Alright me laddy? How you doing son? I came here for peace and quiet – and this is what I get?! That’s no way to greet someone! Welcome to the Wetlands, a great home for birds. This place is amazing You should get over here now! Now to our reporter in the field. Hello everyone it’s Violet here, and I am in the Wetlands in Scotland today I am on holiday here, I have been to many places but this one is very nice. As you can see, it’s just me – my friend is at home, sadly I was here yesterday and where I sat was such a lovely place because I saw the sunset, it was beautiful. Oh look, another bird! Excuse me, may I interview you? Ok, what facts do you know about this place? Peat wetlands alone store more carbon in the soil than rainforests. Oh look, another bird. OK, what facts do you know about this place? Wetlands help clean water. Weather now. Good news – it’s raining, back to you. Thanks for that. Now we have an emotional feature… Finally, we have this tale of friendship. Oh, I’m so lonely, this wetland is dying. I wish there was more life here. I was lonely too. My family died because of bad wetland conditions. Then I found a magnificent wetland, and lots of new friends. Would you like to come? Yeah! This wetland that the schoolchildren helped make is wonderful. We can be very happy here forever! Well that’s all from us tonight, so it’s good night from me and goodnight from him. Goodnight.

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