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We Believe in Protecting the Environment

We Believe in Protecting the Environment

By Micah Moen 0 Comment October 8, 2019

How can we hope to find a balance with the
natural world? At Sonoran Institute, we believe it means
finding a way to live our lives differently. We believe, that in order to protect the natural
wonders around us, we need to build communities that prioritize sustainability, so that everyone
can enjoy clean water, natural wildlife and beautiful landscapes. We believe that nature doesn’t recognize
borders, so we must work across them. We believe that civil dialogue between community
partners strengthens our ability to make reasoned decisions that protect the environment for
future generations. And we believe, above all, in prioritizing
scientific research to prepare for the effects of climate change, now, not down the road. We know that the path forward is not easy
and that the challenges ahead can seem overwhelming. But we believe that all of us, working together,
day by day, in communities across North America can protect the things we hold dear and leave
a better world for those who follow us. Will you join us?

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