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Top Things to Do & Best Attractions to See in San Marcos, Texas TX (And Buc-ee’s!)

Top Things to Do & Best Attractions to See in San Marcos, Texas TX (And Buc-ee’s!)

By Micah Moen 0 Comment February 10, 2020

Hello Bloggineers. This is our guide to San Marcos, Texas, and we are going to show you the fun things you can do here. At our first stop is City Park. This 18 acre parkland connects to the city’s three-mile jogging trails. Brother is riding the piggyback express. The water is actually very warm. It’s cold right now, but the water is like way above the outside temperature. Which is kind of unusual. And it does stay 72 degrees year round. The San Marcos River bubbles to life from hundreds of springs right in the city center. That’s why it’s always a refreshing 72 degrees. Our next stop is Robert J. Kemp Junior Fisheries Center. This state-of-the-art facility specializes in rearing fingerlings sport fish for stocking into more than 300 Texas reservoirs. Today, Mr. Andy will be giving us a tour. [Mr. Andy] This will be filled with water and there’ll be eggs in here. Water comes out of this and it swirls the eggs. Now, Mr. Andy is showing us the fish. Look at all of those goldfish. This is the most I’ve ever seen. And here are some rainbow trouts. This is the first time I’ve seen invisible fish. So cool. These guys like to eat. Next we’re going outside. This portion of the facility consists of 50 plastic lined ponds that provide nearly 47 surface acres of water. These two resident geese of the facility are named Juicy and Lucy. Mr. Andy is showing us a pond that is drained and they do that when they need to catch and weigh the fish. All that over there is fish poop. It’s piles of fish poop. And it looks like dirt. The top parts look like dirt. And some piles on the bottom look like rocks. Now we’re looking at a vehicle used to transport the fish to the reservoirs. [Mr. Andy] You see inside here. These little stones is gonna combine with oxygen. There’ll be water here. Those are little agitators to keep the water agitated. And when we need to stock the fish we pull a plug out. Right here. Keeping all your tradition water in here. And we pull it plug out, and we get to our stocking tank. And shooting out the back. Let’s head to our next destination. Now we’re at the Meadow Center for Water and the Environment. First we’re checking out the Discovery Hall, which hosts a mixture of live animals and interactive exhibits. Founded in 2002, the Meadow Center inspires research that ensures clean abundant water. This is Timmy Timmy Turtlehead. He’s my friend Those are the endangered Texas blind salamanders. It’s time to head out for the next activity. Now we’re going on the glass-bottom boat tour. This 30 minute boat ride gives you a phenomenal underwater perspective of Spring Lake, hundreds of bubbling springs, archaeological sites, historical landmarks and more. You can see close-up views of fish, turtles, prawns, and species found only in Spring Lake. Here you can see water bubbling out from the underground Ssprings. Let’s go check out the next point of interest. It’s time to go the wetlands walk. The waters so clear here. You can learn about the surrounding environment along the boardwalk. We had so much fun at the Meadows Center. Our next stop is Central Texas Wing Aircraft Museum. Housed in the 1943 vintage wooden hanger, this is home to air worthy historic military warbirds. It also features an excellent military museum. Nazis. I hate Nazis. I’m playing with the toy airplane. This hat was worn by the kissing sailor. I know where South America is. Now we’re going to look at the aircrafts. One day I would love to ride in a helicopter. I am climbing into the Jeep. Next I’m stepping into the cockpit. This plane lead the formation of other aircrafts as it flew over Normandy on D-Day, dropping paratroopers behind the enemy lines. It’s gonna be on tour all over the US in the year 2020. Now we’re going to take a look inside. Now we’re going to step inside That’s All Brother Jr. This is quite fun. We had so much fun at the Central Texas Wing Aircraft Museum. We’re making the detour and stopping by Buc-ee’s, a convenience store and gas station that has really good reviews. First let’s take a picture with the statue of Buc-ee. Buc-ee’s pay their employees very well. Don’t mess with Texas. Now we’re checking out the food. Mmm that looks yummy. Let’s grab some for lunch. We bought that brisket sandwich from Buc-ee’s, and we’re eating in the car because they don’t have seating area in there. It’s six dollars. He has the chopped. I have the sliced. The sliced brisket. The chopped brisket. The sandwich was very filling, and it had a very good barbecue flavor. And it was only six dollars, so it’s a very good deal. Now I’m trying the pecan kolache which is two things that Texas is known for: pecan and kolache. Kolache is the bread thing. And inside there is pecan. Now we’re entering their restrooms. World-famous. World-famous restroom. It’s probably not going to be that clean because whenever they say that it’s not too clean. Actually this bathroom is very clean for a gas station. Hello , I’m Buc-ee. Thank you for visiting my store. Now… (clears throat) Stop! It’s time to check out Gruene Historic District in New Branfels. This area was originally settled by German immigrant farmers in the 1800’s. First, we’re going to browse the shops. This is a hair brush for bald people. It’s a hair brush. In the General Store, you can sample some fudge. Uh oh, I feel something pecking me. Emu attack! Emu attack! Feed the emu. The lobster emu. Ow. Brother what are you smelling? And does that taste good? We’re walking to the next historical site. We’re in Gruene Hall, which is Texas’s oldest dance hall. We had so much fun in Gruene. Another place in San Marcos you can visit is Wonder World Cave and Adventure Park, the first show cave in Texas. Here, you can take a train to feed exotic animals, go on a guided tour inside the dry cave, and explore the mysterious Anti-Gravity House. You can watch our Wonder World Cave and Adventure Park video by clicking on the link.

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