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Tonik, virüsler ve kinin!

Tonik, virüsler ve kinin!

By Micah Moen 1 Comment March 25, 2020

Tonic, viruses and quinine! The beginning of the 19th century. The British are in India. What are the British doing here? We will not talk about it. What we will talk about today is how the British take precautions against diseases such as malaria in this region? Whatever they do, Especially what they experienced about this malaria microbe They can’t solve the big problem. Let’s briefly talk about Malaria. Stıma passes to the person with the Anofel type mosquito bites the person. It is a distressing disease it is not known among people but as a crawler. As a result of the different methods they tried That the last quinine substance is good against malaria They notice. British who want to protect themselves against malaria they start adding quinine to the water they drink. Quinine is obtained from the bark of a tree growing in amazon forests. According to the story, the English are so accustomed to water with quinine When they return to their country, they become unable to drink non-kinematic water. They are used to this taste as a flavor. In this way, a drink called tonic has emerged. Firstly, tonic water is also referred to as Indian Water. It was launched commercially in 1858. Contrary to what is known, tonic does not contain alcohol. This drink, which contains traces of quinine, quinine can be considered as added mineral water. Nowadays, it is made in a cozy form with gin and is frequently consumed. Here, tonic becomes an alcoholic drink when combined with gin. And it is quite popular in the world. In our country, there are tonics of various brands without alcohol. If this information you have received from me faded your curiosity Subscribe to my channel and upload this video I will be very happy if you share it with your loved ones and friends. Thanks for watching!

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ilker çoban

Başarılı faydalı bi vidyo kardeş. Eline diline sağlık 👏


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