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Tips for getting started at your new office environment

Tips for getting started at your new office environment

By Micah Moen 0 Comment December 2, 2019

Hello positivity in Corporate Madness Today’s topic? How do you get yourself setting really fast in a new work office environment? I’m gonna offer you some tips and it’s going to help you if this is your new job, or if this is your first job Let’s go straight to the point the first one number one Obtain a list of employees’ names positions and the seating arrangement from your Human Resource Department or from your Office Manager Usually the first day the Office Manager or the Human Resource Person in charge will give your an onboarding And you will have these details and information However, Sometimes they might not have a seating arrangement in place so you got to go figure it yourself This is your task you need to find out who sits where and who are these people Which brings me to the second tips number two Once you identify and the positions Introduce yourself to the managers, your peers and your co-colleagues Always remember have a smile, be confident, be genuine Say your name, have a firm handshake. A firm and shake is really important because this shows that you are confident Always dress well on your first day and of course subsequent days and Always say your name in clarity and the position Tell them that you are very happy and look forward to work with them And I’m sure this will leave a really good impression on the first day of work Remember First perception is the last perception so make sure you leave a good impression So now you have gotten to know who they are and where they are sitting It is time for you to get to know your team members within your own department Get to know them this will be my number three the third tips Ask them up for lunch. How about ask them out for dinner? Drinks and food. Good food, good drinks equal to Happiness Good food and drinks are always a good way to bring people closer Find a place that is chill A good atmosphere so that you can communicate with your colleagues, get to know the person Please be sincere and please be yourself , be genuine because people can feel. You got to work with these people for a long time So you want to get to know them, make them feel important by asking them question get to know them better And I’m sure they want to get to know you better as well. The fourth tip is find yourself an office buddy The company may be big. There might be many departments. It can be anyone, feel the gut in you Observe get to know the people around you a little bit more Find that friend of yours that it’s gonna be with you for a long time that you can share your experiences with that you can have a good communications and you can learn from the person and you can have him or her as a friend even after work. It is entirely possible to have your colleague to be your personal friend Now it leads me to the last one. Which is the best and most? effective manner to get to know people really quickly to get to know your colleagues your peers by joining a community Volunteer your service. If the company requires extra help, requires extra assistance. If the company requires a community member for a team building, for a dinner and dance, for a charity for a marathon volunteer yourself Because you know what? When you volunteer yourself you get to know other team members from different departments From different areas, you get to speak to them, you get to interact with them You get to know them, they get to know you too There is a brainstorming and when this happened, everybody comes forward as a team to make something happen It’s fun It’s positive People will come to you people who want to know about the event will come to you and ask you question You are like an advisor so you became advisor when you do that You get to know the other person better And they get to know you so people will recognize you for your work and the duty for the extra effort that you put in and It’s a great joy to be part of such a team I find it such a great joy when I join a dinner and dance ‘s community member Because I get to do all the fun stuff with other members to organize and plan So take this as a opportunity and positive I hope that these five tips will help you to settle in really quickly and really soon I would like to hear from you if you have any comments or any suggestions Please feel free to write to me if you like my video subscribe to my channel for more upcoming videos Thank you so much for watching have a pleasant day ahead here!

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