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The Power Of Our Environment

The Power Of Our Environment

By Micah Moen 3 Comments October 10, 2019

Human must be influenced by
environment. If you become that person environment of positivity of course this
positivity will slowly absorb within them. These people will absorb the
positive actions of your life. Yes we can but if you allow negativities to become
your environment that is also dangerous. So that is why environment cannot do it
by themselves unless you are truly very strong and unless you are truly have
Authority in life. For example if you want to teach your child you are a
mother right. You have authority over your child. You have the power over your
child. Of course one of you can influence your child. Your good doing your positive
doing can slow down the anger of a baby or a boy or girl. So but for the
friendship level it is very and extremely difficult because you are at
the same level. You have no authority. You have nothing. Each of you become the
environment of one another. If you try to teach positive the other one try to
teach you negative. So the more equation keep on throwing one another
most of the time we found that it is not going too far. So that is why you have to
move yourself and your mirror into a positive environment or the culture or
the group or especially. For example you bring
people to the church that is why church is the environment of positive a
positive thought people that move each one give one polish to the negative.
so the negative soul cannot fight one to one. It can fight but one to ten.
It can’t so that is why we need to use environment to polish our people. That is
why the successful society you must have a very powerful and strong leaders to be
able to to control and to become a role model of that society. To do good thing.
To be a positive person and all the positive people you gather together and
polish the next one the problem. So because we can lead people by
only one thing we cannot go ahead and teach them how to be good. It is not
going to happen people can teach another people not by
word by actions. You become successful because of your actions. You do that’s
why we the good leader will lead people by the role model. What they do is what
is. What people will see the success within you and they want to be you and
that’s why that your children once they are proud of their mom and dad they
wants to walk your footstep. It is the same thing as your friend they they want
to find the role model or the the leader they wants and walk that
footstep. So with that being said I hope that you will become the role model and
you will be strong to build that environment. To build a society of your
friend and that is how you are going to rescue
your friend. I bless you with success. Hi everyone thank you very much for coming
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