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The Impact of a Bad Environment on Your Team

The Impact of a Bad Environment on Your Team

By Micah Moen 0 Comment September 11, 2019

Speaker 1: The impact of a
bad environment on your team. Now, every leader wants to have
a high performing team, right? This can be very hard to achieve. In my experience, teams that are really
humming, that outperform, and by the very nature embrace change, and thrive in
a changing environment, have certain foundational elements at play. Now, here are what I think the top things
are that I observed in high performing teams. And as a leader of a high performing
team, these are really key. So first of all, you need to make
sure there’s a shared vision. Is the purpose clear? Is a context clear? This is the, “Why?” Second of all, your team needs to
be made up of the right people. You have to have a team that self-aware,
that embraces challenges, and has a growth mindset of learning and curiosity. And thirdly, it’s all about the
environment, guys, the environmental can either maximize energy, and focus, and
create the best possible way to leverage your team’s talents, or
it can be destructive. Now, elements of an amazing environment
are a positive culture, the fact that you remove roadblocks for them,
and that you support them. More than 70% of change projects fail in
big organizations, and a big part of that is because of the environment. Now, I’ve seen very talented people fail
and they work really hard, but get burnt out and nothing changes results wise. Why? Because the environment around them
is actually working against them. Now that’s everything from systems, and
ways of working, to a poor culture, or poor behaviors that are tolerated. While the boss might not be present
communication could be poor at best. These are all parts of the environment. Now as a leader, this is where you need to
be spending the bulk of your time, if you really want your team to shine. Are you going to waste all that effort
in creating a great team of people, and a compelling vision, and then
destroy it with a bad environment? So keep watching our different videos
to get into the detail of how to keep building an environment for success. Thanks for watching (trampoline) on
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