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The Centre For Urban Ecology – Building Features – The Green Roof

The Centre For Urban Ecology – Building Features – The Green Roof

By Micah Moen 0 Comment October 10, 2019

Grizzly here once again and today we’re
gonna tell you about the Green Roof As you can see, we’re on the south side of the building
and here we have a little scale model of what’s actually
on top of the building Now, you’re probably wondering, why does it look so bad? Well, that’s part of the byproduct of being in a naturalized area What happened is, this has good access for raccoons and they
traverse up and down, doing their business number one and number two and that has sort of killed the plant life that is in the middle as well, they look for grubs and things like that, so they dig it up So, let’s head on up. We’re on top of the Centre for Urban Ecology where
as you can see, safety is our number one priority We’re all harnessed up, and tied into the top of the building
so we can get started. A very cool feature about this Green Roof is that there is no soil Weight is a big problem in green roofs and what we have done to mitigate that problem is that
we have floored it with one square meter tile pads These pads can actually hold 10 litres in there when there is rainfall In these felt pads we have fifteen different
species of plants called sedum Now you’re probably wondering, why fifteen different species? That’s because that gives it the greatest chance of
survival in any climate around the world. From rainforest climate to north american climate to desert climates. When there’s a drought, the sedum goes
slightly reddish in colour and then upon the next rainfall,
it returns to the luscious green that you see before me Another important function of the green roof is that it acts as a
barrier between the indoor temperature and the outside temperature The sun and heat energy is actually absorbed by the plants
therefore it does not transfer to the inside of the building the rest is then reflected back out into the atmosphere Now in the wintertime; the opposite happens. whereby the heat of the building is trapped and kept inside
and there is, very little, to no escape to the outside One of the main functions of the green roof here at the
Centre for Urban Ecology is in the control of excess rainwater The rainwater that the plants can no longer hold drains down
one of these pipes here to a ten thousands litre cistern that
is located underground. and the water from the cistern we can then empty from this hose
connection right here to water the surrounding plants of the
Centre for Urban Ecology like this rain barrel There you have it folks The Green Roof See you next time!

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