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[KOR CC] Clean Up Mekong with Hanwha Solar Boat

[KOR CC] Clean Up Mekong with Hanwha Solar Boat

By Micah Moen 43 Comments August 13, 2019

Here retreat is no longer an option. The Mekong River, it’s the last stand before 2,000 tons of trash flow into the Pacific Ocean each day. 730,000 tons of trash a year that flow straight into the Pacific Ocean, must be stopped. The key is how. This trash collecting barge emits even more carbon into […]

Understanding Environment & Ecology for Prelims 2019 - Lecture 2
Don links environmental pollution to emerging diseases

Don links environmental pollution to emerging diseases

By Micah Moen 0 Comment July 27, 2019

a professor of aquatic epidemiology and toxicology at an inaugural lecture in the University of Ibadan calls for a holistic approach to end environmental pollution noting emerging disease she said awareness programs to promote environmental friendly behavior sustainable eco-friendly waste management instruments and enforced policies would suffice chin sees the society needs to be proactive […]

Biology,(Lec7,Intervention of man in Aquatic Envrionment(Ecology & Environment) XII
Biology,(Lec9,Introduction To Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources(Ecology & Environment),Class 12
Biology,(Lec11, Energy Conservation Steps,(Ecology & Environment),Class 12 XII
Biology,(Lec8,Terrestrial Ecosystem (Ecology & Environment),Class 12 XII
Biology,(Lec3,Succession and two major forms of succession(Ecology & Environment),Class 12 XII
Biology,(Lec4,Predation, Parasitism, Symbiosis and Mutualism(Ecology & Environment),Class 12 XII
Biology,(Lec5,Biogeochemical Cycles(Nitrogen Cycle) (Ecology & Environment),Class 12 XII