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Eutrophication Explained

Eutrophication Explained

By Micah Moen 52 Comments August 13, 2019

[birds chirping, water flowing] [music] Plants require several things to grow. Most of us know that they need things like water, sunlight, and CO2, but plants also need a variety of nutrients as well: things like nitrogen and phosphorus. Usually, plants will get all the required nutrients from the soil through their roots. But, when […]

Steve Sailer on Human Biodiversity

Steve Sailer on Human Biodiversity

By Micah Moen 5 Comments July 15, 2019

Steve Saylor can you tell me what is human biodiversity human biodiversity is a term that emerged in the 1990s as a way to help understand all the differences we notice in people all around us it's obvious compliment as human cultural diversity those are it's like nature and nurture a couple of terms that […]

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment - Spot

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment – Spot

By Micah Moen 2 Comments June 19, 2019

we all rely on nature the water we drink the food we eat and the materials we use to build our tools and shelters are all ecosystem services we are destroying nature even though we know the consequences are we fully considering the impact of our choices and actions what shall we do we can […]

Zizek - Ecology: The New Opiate of the Masses (1 of 7)

Zizek – Ecology: The New Opiate of the Masses (1 of 7)

By Micah Moen 25 Comments June 4, 2019

okay.i when we usually dance and so on I I would like directly to go to the point because I hope you will not be disappointed what I decided to do today is a very boring systematic talk with almost no drugs dealing really with the problem which is indicated in the title so let […]

Ecology and Spirituality - Schumacher College


By Micah Moen 0 Comment May 15, 2019

this program was made possible by the [National] Endowment for the Arts Agnes Gunn and Daniel Shapiro the Nathan Cummings foundation Bloomberg JPMorgan Chase [Andy] Warhol [Foundation] for the visual Arts the Horace W Goldsmith Foundation the Bagley right fund and Others a complete list is available from PBS and By contributions to your PBs […]