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Subnautica Review 1/30/18 |No spoilers| 👽

Subnautica Review 1/30/18 |No spoilers| 👽

By Micah Moen 3 Comments October 10, 2019

hello Digfig and welcome to my
subnautica review subnautica is a single player open world survival game there
have been a lot of not so good open world survival games in the last few
years but subnautica is definitely a diamond in the rough and worth the $25
and there you have it for those that don’t care why I think the game is worth
it thank you for watching and if you enjoyed the video feel free to subscribe
and let me know in the comments what games you think I should review now for
the rest of us a large part of this game is exploring and figuring things out or
at least it was for me so I will just be talking over some gameplay of the first
five or so minutes of the game so I don’t spoil anything I’m not even gonna
show the intro its main claim to fame that makes it stand out over all the
other survival games is that it’s under freakin water and they do such a good
job with it it feels good moving around under the
water and I have played other games or you just feel slow and clunky underwater
I know that’s how humans really are but it doesn’t make for super fun gameplay
and I think they did a very good job mixing the two and subnautica I have to
give huge props to the people in charge of the sound I can’t explain just how
good they did it’s really just a big WOW moment for me there are some not so
friendly things in this game that are cool-looking but when you add the sound
they make with a good set of headphones it’s terrifying and I love it i I can’t
rave about enough some of the sounds I did are phenomenal I also have to
mention the story don’t worry no spoilers they did a good job pushing you
just enough to promote your progress but not feel rushed I also love the mix of
hand-holding and old-school figure it out yourself stuff some objectives give
you waypoints and others make you read a log and figure out where to go it was
refreshing mix for me you don’t see that too often in games nowadays I’m starting
to rent a little but there’s one more thing that jumps out at me making this
game shine and that’s the environment and diversity of life in the world each
biome feels really unique and it was a lot of fun to explore and see what you
find and you never know what you I could go on all day about all the
little things but I will try and shorten this up a little bit the base building
is fun there’s a good variety of things allowing you to personalise your base
it’s intuitive and it’s easy to link things together each vehicle in the game
feels different and has their uses it feels very well-thought-out and I
love the little bonus of being able to customize the colors and names it’s the
little things that make a game great and now for the gears and tools they are fun
to use and I was personally surprised in the variation of them I do wish they
gave you more slots since I played on the PC swapping tools all the time since
they only give you room for five seemed like a slight design oversight but what
can you do I believe this game is for consoles also there is also a good wiki
for this game and if you ever feel stuck or not the kind of player who likes to
wander around exploring for that object you need the wiki does a good job
warning you of spoilers and hiding them from you
so it’s nice to not have to worry about that this game was developed by a
smallish team so there are some small bugs here and there and the collision
went not under water and jumping on things is a little iffy but compared to
other small team games they did an amazing job I personally did not come
across any game breaking bugs in my last playthrough it took me 17 hours to play
through the game but I have also had this game since 2015 and this was not my
first playthrough it is my first complete playthrough though since it
wasn’t in the game till launch but I’ve put in over 92 hours into the game so I
would expect your first playthrough to take anywhere from 20 to 40 hours
possibly longer if you feel like exploring every inch of the map so is
subnautica worth it in my opinion yes very much so it’s only $25 on Steam and
I personally would happily pay more for it hell
I’ve paid way more for some really bad games in the past and I was not
disappointed with subnautica at all and I hope you guys found this review
useful let me know in the comments what you guys think about subnautica and what
games you think I should review and I will talk to you guys in the next video
dig out

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I've played this game for a week and can't stop. Great review Matey. You did'nt mention however that you can play it in VR!!!! It's AWESOME!!!!



Impressive actually. My first playtrough took 50 hours


bla bla

3:00 that's one of the (many) things that make Subnautica better than any other game in its genre. That poor lil' creature's scared face can not NOT touch you deep inside, no matter how big of a brute you are in real life. I don't think I've ever cooked such a fish in my 2 game playthroughs seeing how scared it is… Also, yeah, I agree that the soundtrack is one of the strong points of this game. Each biome has its own unique soundtrack, and the kelp forest soundtrack is so soothing and emo-ish. My favorite soundtrack of Subnautica, but all others are great, as well. The entire game is freaking great actually. And I'm not even a fan of this genre, but damn… if this is not the best game of the last decade!


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