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Strategy 1: Creating a Reading Environment

Strategy 1: Creating a Reading Environment

By Micah Moen 0 Comment October 7, 2019

Strategy #1: Creating
a Reading Environment Pick
a special place. It is important to think about your reading environment. Reading can
happen anywhere: in a comfortable
chair, or on the couch. Or, on the floor with pillows! How about in your lap? Sometimes
the best snuggles happen when you are
reading a book together. Does your child tend to wander? Consider
having reading time while in the highchair or
the bathtub or a bouncy seat. Choose a time when your child
isn’t too tired to listen. Using eyes or
ears to listen is hard work for little ones
and can be tiring. If your child is tired, it’s OK to
stop and try again later. If reading is incorporated
into your daily routine, it will be
much easier to develop a lifelong
habit of reading books. So try to read every day, even if it is
just for a few minutes! Start small and add a few
extra minutes here and there. You’ll find that as your
child becomes more interested in books, your reading
time will naturally increase. Reduce distractions Try to
minimize distractions: turn off the TV,
music, and the computer. Put away the cell
phone and clean up other toys. Doing these things
creates a more comfortable and relaxing environment and removes auditory and
visual distractions. It can also signal to your
child that it is time to read. Increase lighting. When possible, be sure
to have adequate lighting. It makes it easier to
see the book and for your child to see your face
and hands, which is important if your
child relies on visual support
in addition to listening. Remember, when thinking about Creating
a Reading Environment: Pick a special place . . . Choose
the right time . . . Be consistent . . . Start small
and build from there . . . Reduce distractions . . . Increase lighting.

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