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Staying Home Because of Coronavirus? 😷🦠 5 Great Family History Activities You Can Do At Home

By Micah Moen 0 Comment March 19, 2020

We’ve all been asked to stay home because
of Coronavirus and a lot of us are at the age where we really should be staying
home because we’re over 60 or we have a medical condition that means
that we should stay home. Well, if you are staying home, I want to know what are you
doing with all that extra time? This would be a great time
to do some family history. So I’m Linda Sattgast with and
here are the five things that I’m going to be
working on as I stay home. [music] Number one is to organize a box of photos. What you might say, we still
have boxes of photos? Oh yes. And this is one of them. This is the
one, this is one of ours actually. And so here’s a book when I was expecting
and a bunch of different things. I need to get in here
and get it organized. Plus I have some more out in the garage. Number two is to scan some photos and
documents that I’ve been trying to get to for a long time. I still have
quite a lot of scanning to do, but I like to scan in batches
that aren’t overwhelming. So this is a doable little batch that
I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while. And so that is what I want to work on
during this time where we’re staying at home. Number three is fix some photos. I have quite a few photos that I need to
fix before I can make my album about us growing up. So I’m just
gonna work on that. I’ve got an album that I want to finish
by Mother’s Day and if I don’t get the photos done and they don’t look
good, then I won’t reach my goal. So that’s what I’m wanting
to work on during this time. Number four is to tell some
family stories and record them. So, here I have my phone and my recorder
and I’m just going to press record. [When I was young, I lived in Central America in a little
village and across the street there was a hospital. Well, our
windows didn’t have glass, they had wrought iron. And so the grown men and the big boys
would come across the street and they’d hang on our wrought iron and
just look into our house. We felt like monkeys in a zoo. I used to run from one corner to another
where they couldn’t see me….] Number five is to call up a relative and
say hi and talk about family history. [Hi, uncle Richard. Hi, how
are you? This is Linda….] So that’s what I’m doing as I’m staying
home and I’d love to hear in the comments what you’re doing. I hope
some of that includes family history. I’m Linda Sattgast with where
we help you turn boxes of photos into shareable family stories.

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