Spencer Johnson on BYUSN 11.19.19 - Lake Harding Association

Spencer Johnson on BYUSN 11.19.19

Spencer Johnson on BYUSN 11.19.19

By Micah Moen 1 Comment November 20, 2019

us.>>Spencer: In fact, we have two spencers in the studio B right now.>>Jarom: Oh boy.>>Spencer: Thanks to the most recent basketball signee Spencer Johnson. Welcome to studio B.>>Good to be here.>>Jarom: Congratulations on the signing man.>>Thank you.>>Jarom: You are a local kid from American fork. You have had an interesting journey. What was it like to sign with BYU.>>It was so cool. The fan base, coaches everyone reached out. I just felt the love.>>And the something you thought of.>>My plans were different. I have never been contacted by BYU coaches before. So I signed to weber state. I was kind of my place, but I think things happen for a reason. So I am excited to be here now.>>Jarom: You went on your mission to Mitt LAN Italy by the way. How was that.>>Loved it. Have you ever been there.>>Jarom: I have not.>>Beautiful, the food is great. So you go to Milan, come back, go for a semester at weber state. And then last year you are at Utah valley.>>A semester at week, semester at U.V.U.>>Jarom: So are you on the team red shirting at this point.>>Yes.>>Jarom: So mark pope and the staff already like you. They brought you down.>>It worked out.>>Jarom: So now you are at salt Lake City community college. And then you will be at BYU. What has that journey been like? You will have been at four schools.>>This will be my fourth school, yeah. I don’t think anyone expects a journey like that. You never play it out in your head. But honestly, it couldn’t be more grateful. It’s been hard, but I have learned a lot, I many et a lot of great people. So I think things happen for a reason, so I am just excited to be here now.>>What’s been difficult about it?>>I think having to pick up and meet a new team and start over. And having to do that a few times has been hard.>>Jarom: I am stressing out thinking about the academics transferring and things like that.>>I haven’t had to retake any classes.>>Jarom: All right. That’s good.>>We don’t often hear that. You played against T.J. Haws in high school. BYU just hit one of those iconic buzzer beaters. So where were you when you saw her shot go down? And was that like for you?>>We were in frame Utah. We were playing down there. And we were staying in a cabin. T.J. Hits the shot, we are all watching it. I am freaking out. I get up and start running around, let’s go, it was great. Was it weird to have played against him.>>Spencer: With lone peek right.>>Jarom: You are on the same team essentially.>>Yeah. It is, T.J. Is a stud. Everybody knows I hated guarding him in high school.>>Jarom: What was the hardest thing about guarding him.>>He can shoot it from everywhere, police officer and everywhere. And it always went in, I swear. He had a buzzer beater from 28 or something.>>I do.>>Jarom: That was legendary. How would you explain your game and how does it fit in for BYU?>>I think I am really versatile as a player. I don’t know if I like model my game after any one particular player. A great rebounding guard, I have good size. Great shooter. I think it is going to translate really well. Coach always talks about these releaptless guys and these fearless guys and I think that’s what he’s got and will continue to recruit.>>Jarom: Have you met a coach with more energy? It is infectious right. How does that I guess effect you to the point where you want to go to U.V.U. And now you come to BYU.>>I have known him for a really long time. I know him in high school. He is always working and really is releaptless. But it is just — you want to be a part of that, you want to surround yourself with those kind of people because that’s how you get successful.>>So you are at slick this year, you were playing at snow I take it. Airbnb cabin that sounds fun.>>Yeah, not bad.>>Jarom: What is it like and how motivating is it to know I have to get ready for BYU as well as play biomes for this team?>>It is motivating. Honestly, you always want to be motivated when you know you have to come and make a difference. And contribute. That’s just gets you fired up. Just to be the best you can be.>>Have you spoken with Skyler hall pert as a former Salt Lake City community college great that transferred to BYU?>>I have not yet.>>Jarom: We will connect you to it.>>Give me his numbers.>>Spencer: He can tell you a thing or two about BYU sports nation karma. So if you aren’t aware, you come on the show, we give you “BYU sports nation” karma, you are already a good player, but you will play better.>>Jarom: Who do you play next?>>Western Wyoming.>>Jarom: Sorry the western Wyomings are going down. Women plus. At least 4-3. You said you are a good rebounding guard, what are your numbers there.>>I think right now am averaging five or six.>>Jarom: Five is a good number. That something — so a shot goes up you crash or box out.>>Every time.>>Spencer: So thinking of Connor Harding right now.>>Jarom: I am thinking of Jake Toolson. He is a tremendous rebounding guard. Who did you get that from? Who did you see do that or maybe that was just a coach that said hey go rebound?>>Honestly I have been that way my whole life. They had me playing lightning the big man sometimes but it is just an easy way to score.>>Great to talk to you. Let’s have you sign our BYU cougar here. LE is community college man,

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One Spencer is all we need, one will need to leave and Linton is that one that needs to leave.


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