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Refugio El Colmenar (The Beehive Refuge) Ecology School

Refugio El Colmenar (The Beehive Refuge) Ecology School

By Micah Moen 0 Comment October 9, 2019

My name is Leopoldo Guevara and we have a good opportunity to meet in Colombia, a very special place of the Tropical Dry Forest and the chance to identify and get to know the native fauna and flora in harmony with the bees Ecology School Refugio El Colmenar or the Beehive Refuge is located in the heart of Colombia inside the tropical Dry Forest When people think about a tropical forest usually the rainforest comes to mind but the tropical dry forest is the most threatened tropical ecosystem in the world In Colombia only 8% of the regional dry forest remains Human development has a stripped forest land and transformed it into human settlements farmland, and recreational houses and hotels It is a relatively small family property but it is an oasis for wildlife, where there are rabbits, foxes, green iguanas and there are hiking paths in different parts of the farm to see the native forest The Beehive Refuge started as an environmentally-friendly family project farm that centered around the honey bee as a pollinator and food producer But this simple farm has now become a school of ecology that leads the region in tropical dry forest education and preservation initiatives The Refuge is an excellent example of bee-based production that can be both non-polluting and sustainable for creating food and other products The Refuge creates its own irrigation systems, uses alternative sources of energy and manages its own wastewater The Beehive Refuge moves forward with its mission in spite of economic constraints with some limited support from the government and help from volunteers Leopold works with his daughter Esther who supports the mission out of her own savings and effort because she finds it so fulfilling in spite of its challenges Yet, Leopold and Esther, along with her mother and brother feel blessed for receiving so many visitors: The Beehive Refuge welcomes the local community, student fieldtrips, tourists as well as national and international volunteers to their free educational sessions and workshops The goal is to transmit what we have learned and what we are learning every day It is transmitting to future generations the conscience of taking care of the environment The idea is to transcend, it´s not only a matter of doing or having something , is to transcend in something good for humanity.

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