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PumaPay Business Console – Test Environment

PumaPay Business Console – Test Environment

By Micah Moen 1 Comment September 21, 2019

my name is Christina get a kilo and I’m back with another Puma pate 60-second update last month we announced the release of the prototype for the Puma Pei business console this week we’ll introduce you to the test environment the test environment simulates the main environment allowing you to test the business console see how you can create billing models and how these will appear to your customers the test environment does not generate any actual transaction of funds to access a test environment you first need to register with us which means you need to go through the KYC process and add a wallet to dress if you do not have a wallet address then you can download our Puma P wallets from Google Play or the Apple App Store once you log into the business console you can get tests PMA tokens and try them out in the test environment you can see how many currencies are available understand the three types of billing models we offer and check how the business console works with our mobile wallet app to keep up to date with all things perma pay follow us on Telegram Facebook and Twitter

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Nice cartoon, how about sharing something that is real?


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