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PRIME365 | Ecosystem of Connected Devices

PRIME365 | Ecosystem of Connected Devices

By Micah Moen 0 Comment October 10, 2019

caresyntax is a leading provider of
medical device integration, documentation, and telemedicine solutions in procedural care The journey of a patient through a treatment
cycle involves multiple steps. Each one of these steps generates a great deal of important
clinical content. Whether it is video, vitals or time stamped check lists visualizing, capturing
and managing this content can streamline clinician workflow. Crucially, it also enables a powerful education
and knowledge management platform, and directly translates into better clinical decisions Traditionally, the focus of digital integration
was on single disparate steps of the process. For example, inside the operating room, managing
only surgical video from devices during the procedure itself Caresyntax PRIME365 offers a fully integrated
workflow platform that can visualize and communicate various patient, process and medical device
data across the entire perioperative cycle, and even beyond. Imagine the power of having all of this
connected information available to all the members of the clinical team anytime or anywhere
inside the hospital! OR managers can access visual dashboards,
enriched with patient and procedure context Nurses can automate medical device and
room control workflow inside the procedure rooms ICU staff can streamline documentation
and maintain continuous view of patients Physicians can get access to recently recorded,
intelligently tagged surgical content anywhere inside the hospital Biomedical and IT departments can remotely
monitor and prevent faults in all key integration systems Faculty professors can create telemedicine
broadcasts of live procedures, and distribute enriched educational content to students PRIME365 platform enables a powerful suite
of productivity applications that can be adapted to the hospital infrastructure, and medical
equipment. Moreover, it directly facilitates the workflow of every key stakeholder in the
treatment process, ultimately helping to improve efficiency and quality of care. PRIME365 can easily retrieve patient, case
and scheduling data from any hospital information system Dashboards with key patient context, such
as demographics or allergies, are made available at the point of care and throughout the perioperative
workflow, improving safety and efficiency Any schedule updates or cancellations, are
also synchronized and shown on caresyntax workstations or mobile devices, allowing clinicians
to stay aware and react on time Using interfaces between PRIME365 and hospital
information systems, we can enrich recorded medical device data such as videos or images,
with relevant patient or procedure context At the beginning of each procedure, clinical
staff member can access the worklist app, selecting the current patient, whose unique
identifier will ensure association with recorded surgical content After the procedure, surgical content and
relevant patient or procedure information can be accessed from hospital s picture or
medical record archives PRIME365 has an embedded checklist app,
which can be used to make safety checks at different stages of a procedure For example, clinicians can acknowledge
patient allergies All checklists are fully customizable with
question type, language or specialty. Checklist answers can further be utilized
as data points for caresyntax analytics solutions, In case the patient brings own videos or
images on a USB or a CD, the import app enables immediate access in the operating room Import process also converts files to a
standard format compatible with all medical archives, enabling easy export to hospital
s secure storage PRIME365 serves as a central point of access
to any digital information inside the O.R. Using an embedded interface engine, PRIME365
can automatically provide current patient`s ID parameters to third party apps, such
as DICOM viewers, eliminating duplicate sign-in and saving time Third party apps can be accessed directly
from PRIME365 user interface via shortcuts, or via an embedded browser that extends integration
to browser-based systems Inside the O.R., PRIME365 interface can
be accessed through S-CAPE s proprietary, in-wall MULTICONSOLE workstation made of glass,
with unique multi-touch functionality on both the control and image viewing displays. CX STUDIO is a clinical content recording
app, which clinicians use to document surgical or procedural video, images, and checklist
data Recording can be done through the touch
screen on the in-wall MULTICONSOLE , or from other connected devices inside the operating
or outpatient procedure rooms STUDIO can record two or more Full HD medical
device sources at the same time Clinicians can also take snapshots of any
of the recorded data sources, which can be previewed immediately inside the app All of the medical device content captured
via PRIME365 STUDIO app is tagged , time stamped, and enriched with various patient and procedure
parameters Combining multiple data sources into a single,
enriched record creates a comprehensive view of the procedure, and increases educational
and patient care benefits STUDIO can also easily be controlled from
a touch display inside the sterile area Alternatively, recording of various medical
device sources can be initiated from a foot switch near the operating clinician Finally, endoscope control buttons can also
be programmed to initiate and stop acquisition of medical device data CX DIRECT allows centralized intraoperative
routing of HD, 4K and 3D medical video signals onto sterile area displays with zero latency Intuitive user interface allows quick switching
of live videos to maintain surgeon`s focus on the patient, and not on buttons and controls
of medical devices Any medical device can be connected to PRIME365
using a universal plug inside the room. As soon as the device is connected, DIRECT automatically
recognizes and shows it in the list of available equipment, presenting a preview of the selected
video feed prior to routing to surgeon`s display At the end of each procedure, the surgical
team has two options to export and archive recorded content Either use a pre-defined export path to
pre-select and store certain content on external media or a permanent network archive such
as the PACS Or allow for all content to be automatically
synchronized with caresyntax intermediate archive, called CX·ECLIPSE Conventionally, filtering and exporting
video or image sets had to be done immediately at point of care. This process is very costly to the hospital. It affects room turnaround, holding up efficient
setup process for next procedure It also forces clinicians to export unclassified
large volumes of data directly to permanent archives, making knowledge management difficult,
and increasing IT infrastructure costs ECLIPSE is a browser-based platform that
solves these documentation issues It integrates with hospital user management
tools and is compliant with patient privacy norms It features a predictive search engine to
quickly locate relevant patients or cases, as well as having useful plugins such as,
for example an individualized snapshot of the schedule ECLIPSE combines all recorded surgical content
including, videos, images, checklists , and device data in a set of user-friendly views All of these different types of content
can be grouped and classified to enable easier review, documentation, and validation prior
to transfer to permanent storage The content is tagged and time-stamped allowing
chronological order and various customized views, such as a timeline [[cue switch to
timeline view] Depending on user rights, selected and annotated
content can then be moved to pre-defined permanent archives, downloaded to external media or
made available for collaboration between various users Intelligent storage management engine can
ensure that no clinical content is left unattended at this intermediate stage and can automate
transfer to permanent storage and delete raw or modified data in ECLIPSE Since ECLIPSE user interface is built on
the basis of web technologies, it can be accessed on any connected PC terminal, laptop, tablet
or mobile device inside the hospital network For example,
If your hospital allows usage of authorized mobile devices, ECLIPSE can be used on any
iOS , Android, or Windows smart phone. The graphic user interface adapts to any
screen size allowing normal usage of the application from the clinicians offices or on the go. This portability and mobility of access
significantly reduces the workflow hurdles in documenting clinical procedures. It also makes knowledge creation and sharing
much easier within the hospital, creating numerous educational and ultimately outcome-related
benefits – Using the DOCUPOINT, S-CAPE’s work station
product, PRIME365 can streamline access to patient files, and assist with vital signs
monitoring and documentation in the ICU Manual vitals documentation is prone to
errors and gaps caresyntax solutions aim to automate the
recording process, and provide a platform, where validation of vitakls can be done in
sync with other key data collected throughout the treatment cycle As a turnkey digital access solution, PRIME365
platform provides immediate access to patient data at the bedside, including device output
, medical records, or lab and diagnostic results DOCUPOINT, as a hardware platform, can offer
a range of peripheral add-ons. For example, A barcode reader to track disposables A headset and webcam for live consultations An RFID reader
to authorize attending personnel (until 07:58) Video streaming solutions can be enriched
with live patient data to improve monitoring of critical patients and reduce incidence
of injuries from bed falls (until 08:06) CX-SHARE module offers specialized and scalable
streaming, conferencing and telehealth solutions The module improves patient safety and care
by enabling live consultations It also enhances educational initiatives
by removing limitations of physical presence inside the O.R. and delivering real-time patient
and device data to remote audience OR and ICU managers can use CX SHARE solutions
as a care coordination tool, which provides real-time and enriched visual insights on
patient flow When used outside the hospital, CX SHARE
tool kit extends into a fully-fledged telemedicine platform, facilitating real-time collaboration,
and secure sharing of patient or device data Efficient and uninterrupted workflow in
and around procedure rooms is contingent on fully functional medical and IT equipment Conventional integration platforms still
rely on reactive and manual fault management, which does not prevent downtime. (until 09:05) CX-GUARD offers an alternative that can
maximize O.R. uptime through automated monitoring of medical devices and Health IT It enables real-time and continuous monitoring
of systems, preventative remote status checks, rapid diagnosis and central log collection. Effective deployment of CX-GUARD reduces
O.R. downtime, enabling faster problem diagnosis and advanced planning of service and maintenance Hospitals face changing regulations, increased
quality and cost pressure. Accurate and timely information from operating or procedure rooms
is valuable in understanding true productivity metrics, and patient safety compliance. However, collecting and analyzing such information
is cumbersome, requiring manual input and interfacing of various data sets to get to
meaningful insights. Using the PRIME365 IQ analytics engine can
facilitate aggregation, structuring and visualization of key data throughout the perioperative workflow. CX-IQ module automates collection and analysis
of new data to optimize clinical or ancillary processes in and around the O.R. It can turn valuable data from your OR’s
and procedure rooms into useable intelligence to support documentation improvement, optimization
projects, quality reporting efforts for regulatory bodies and compliance with Joint Commission
measures. IQ engine can help track many efficiency
metrics, such as: First Case Delays Room turn-around time On-time starts -Using automated collection of data directly
from the workflow, many performance parameters can be quantified. For example, O.R.-bloc utilization Available time Surgeon and room utilization Finally, having the data collected directly
from automated software, medical device, or check lists triggers, IQ can enable compliance
audits on Disinfection norms Surgical checklist fulfillment or even ICU fall incident reports

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