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Preventing Mosquitoes in Wetlands

Preventing Mosquitoes in Wetlands

By Micah Moen 0 Comment March 26, 2020

This is a good example of prime mosquito breeding
habitat. We’ve got a wetland here, lots of sunshine, stagnant water, very conducive
for mosquito breeding. One thing to keep in mind, if you’ve got a big body of water
that gets lots of air movement across it, turbulence, or fish in it, there’s going
to be a pretty low likelihood of mosquitoes to use it for breeding. So for a majority
of areas we focus on are areas that hold stagnant water, that are void of fish, and other things
that eat the larvae. This one we took a complaint on from residents in a nearby subdivision
here. They were complaining of getting bitten up by mosquitoes so we came out and took a
look. We do this pretty commonly. If you have an area around your home or in your subdivision,
that is a problematic area holding a lot of standing water, give us a call at the health
department or send us an email. You can contact us at We’ve got a contact
form on there. So this is a backpack sprayer. It has our corn cob granules in it. Basically,
it is a weed whacker motor that is hooked up to a turbine that runs air through and
uses the air to disperse the granules. So we’ll start this up and I’ll show you
how effectively this works. Basically I can just hit a lever to start spraying larvicide,
and then I can increase air pressure to send it out farther.

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