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President Gee: Keeping Mountaineers Safe 🦠

President Gee: Keeping Mountaineers Safe 🦠

By Micah Moen 7 Comments March 26, 2020

My dear West Virginia University family, In my 40 years as a university president,
the crisis at hand is like none other I have ever experienced. As our nation grapples with
the devastating novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that we at West
Virginia University do all we can to support our state and our country. First, let me assure you that our University
system has risen to the occasion to ensure the safety of our campus communities. I want
to thank our leadership, our faculty and staff, and our students for their willingness to
lead during this challenging time. Together, we have been making difficult decisions based
on ever-evolving information. However, the health and wellbeing of our University family
is – and will always be – our utmost concern. Yesterday, the first case of COVID-19 was
confirmed in West Virginia. It is another example that shows the seriousness of this
pandemic and that it will only continue to grow across the United States. Our medical
experts share that there is little chance of it slowing down – unless we quickly and
accurately implement measures that can impede the community spread and “flatten the curve.”
Our Governor has declared a state of emergency and the City of Morgantown has issued an ordinance
requesting citizens take all necessary precautions. Therefore, it is critical – not only to
our community but also to our state – that we create as much social distancing as possible,
ensure the safety of our campus community and practice health precautions to avoid further
spread. Effective Thursday, March 19, the University
will take several steps to respond aggressively and thoughtfully in the best interest of our
West Virginia University family. These steps, outlined in my letter to you, will ensure
we are doing our part to keep our campus and communities safe. Please read through the
letter carefully. Though you are likely to have questions, be assured we stand ready
to answer them as quickly as we can. Finally, I know in the coming days, many of
you will experience a myriad of emotions, including being frustrated and even a little
sad that you are not able to complete the semester as planned. I can assure you, that
I, along with the entire campus community shares that sentiment. We will miss you. I will miss you. And though much is yet to be determined, this
I know for sure: Mountaineers are resilient. We have already seen people helping others
in this health crisis. Curiosity is infusing new ideas on how we can learn. We have demonstrated
a deeper appreciation for each other and the experiences we share. These examples of the
genuine care we have for each other are but a reflection of the core Mountaineer values
that drives each of us. So, as we continue on this uncertain and unprecedented
journey together, remember that we are here for you and remain committed to your success.
Together, we will prevail and emerge stronger. Until then, be safe. Be smart and be well
– and know that I look forward to having you back on the campus we all call home.

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Will Charnock

Cmon man I’m tryna party


Carlos Garcia

Thank you, President Gee! Yours is a great message to students and alumnus like me. I am in California, where the "enemy" is gaining ground. Like you in Morgantown and the rest of the state, we are fighting it and will defeat it. I think I speak for all WVU alumni when I wish you all success in defeating the virus and keeping students and their communities safe. God bless!


Alyssa Brashear

He is so precious 😭 my heart!!


Omnivore 829

Are we going to get money back orrrr


Raymond Poh

Thank you, President Gee! I am in Singapore and being in Asia, we have seen how contagious the virus is. Important for Everyone to be responsible so as not to spread the virus. Our family and friends are at risk, if we are irresponsible. Take Care and Keep Safe! Let's Go Mountaineers, beat this!


AwsomeZGamer12 GamerxX

Thank you President Gee! Stay safe and well, and God Bless WVU and the great state of West Virginia!!


Gold & Blue Tube

A very well spoken man, HAIL WV!!


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