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Poor Sleep Can Affect Your Gut Microbes

Poor Sleep Can Affect Your Gut Microbes

By Micah Moen 5 Comments February 12, 2020

Greetings, Eric Bakker, thank you for coming
back. Interesting study I was just reading online,
and I just thought I’d create this video in response to some questions I’ve had about
the importance of sleep, and getting your gut right when it comes to sibo or candida
parasites. A study conducted in Sweden in 2016 by this
guy, I think he’s doing a bachelor masters program. So he put a whole bunch of about 20 guys through
this test basically to see what would happen with their gut, and what he discovered interesting
was with two days of partial sleep, so when these guys were sleeping for three, four and
a half hours over two days. So three and a half hours on one day, three
and a half or four hours on another day, when they got partial sleep cycles it significantly
impacted on their gut microbiota. In fact, there were huge big changes in the
ratios of some of the beneficials. So we’ve got major groups of bacteria in the
gut; firmicutes, bacteroides, prevotella, and bacteria like this. So important ones, and particularly the bacteroides
and firmicutes ratio are completely altered through the partial sleep. Now, these guys weren’t taking antibiotics,
they were drinking Dr. Peppers and having pizzas all the time, these were just people
in a lab doing a controlled study with a gut check up before and during and after these
sleep tests. And this researcher was stunned to see such
incredible change in the gut microbiota because of poor sleep cycles. So this is dramatic information for people
who are shift workers, or airline pilots, or people who work crazy hours, or sleep deprived
people. I’ve always hammered on about the importance
of sleep when it comes to restoring your health, and particularly when it comes to restoring
your gut. I’ve known this for decades, that people with
poor sleep always have poor digestive health, especially when they get really, really disruptive
sleep cycles. So it’s important for you to understand that. The other interesting thing this study found
was the insulin sensitivity had increased by 20%. So people who’ve got, again, poor sleep cycles
tend to have more of an insulin level like that of obese people. So having broken sleep can push you also more
into craving more sugar, wanting more carbs, getting bigger and fatter, all because of
poor sleep. So it’s very important that the sleep is fixed
up. Check out some of my sleep videos, I’m sure
I would have spoken about sleep on this channel. Otherwise, you can go to ericbakker.com and
have a look at my page on sleep. It’s one of the most important things you
want to cultivate for good health is a good sleep cycle. Thanks for tuning in.

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Nasseradin ALmassri

I have Itching really bad one in my Anus and all around it what can i do about it
Before that I had an anal Fissure but it improved
but the itching still very bad
thank you for all help and information you gave


Nikolina Krasimirova

Please ,comment on mixing fats and carbs in one meal,for example fruit and tahini.


Bee Withbinoculars

Hi Eric, thanks so much for your content and support. I am having issues with sleep because the Blasto parasite and also histamine intolerance, eczema, and having poor sleep as a result. I stay in bed for 10 hours at least so my body rests, as I wake up every few hours and have itchiness and discomfort. If I go to bed at, let's say 2:30/3 am, which has been a struggle for me to shift to 12 AM the latest, I tend to wake up around noon and still feel fatigued. I stay in bed to rest more but it's just very painful. I cry some times because my sleep isn't restful, rather stressful. All other aspects of life style and nutrition and supplements are good except for my sleep. What are some of your tips for healing my sleep cycle? I need help in this area which is super crucial.


Mike Mcgregor

I recently had a Comprehensive stool test that showed low beneficial bacteria, ie, 3+ lacto NG bifido and also I have an overgrowth of klebsialla and citrobac, both 4+ the issue that I am having is everything I eat Eric is causing hive type reactions. I also have right side quadrant pain upper/middle. I have lost most of my body weight I’m 6’3 and I was 227 lbs I have dropped to 164, I have tried several different functional doctors, but no one has been able to help me, I can’t help but feel that I am slowly dying and is beginning to lose hope..! Please inform me where can I go for help?
Thank you


Candida Crusher

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