NUNGNUNG WATERFALL in BALI | Our LAST Bali Vlog | #6 - Lake Harding Association



By Micah Moen 2 Comments February 11, 2020

Wow, guys, it was really unbelievable! We’re Silvija and Vidmantas – 2 Traveling
souls. We are feeling alive and inspired by discovering new countries. Because of our passion, we decided to make travel videos and share our experiences with you. We’re ready to go. And here we are. We just came to the place, where we will see waterfalls. We had a scooter ride over here and it took one hour. The roads were pretty good and yeah we had a very beautiful view to look around. A lot of palms, rice fields and yeah like local people are doing their stuff So yeah right now we’re going to you see a waterfall. First, we need to go down about a thousand steps.. I’m shocked because people are dying who’s coming up to the hill and we just going down all smiling. And people who’s coming up they’re just suffering, they’re almost crying. Some ladies they’re like (hardly breathing sound) like this. And also don’t know, let’s see.. we’re going down now. Almost here! Wow, guys, it was really unbelievable! Ahh, the view was just magical. In Lithuania, we have only tiny, tiny – really small waterfalls. But this one was kind of 20 meters height or something. Yeah, I really liked it. And how about you, Silvija? So I really liked this waterfall because it was my very first one. 200% of humidity, a massive flow down, like even people tried to go there but it’s very dangerous. So we really enjoyed this waterfall and right now it’s time to go up. Let’s see how it goes and yeah and then come back to Ubud. So let’s go! Up up up! How are you? My heart is just so bumping. Ah we made it. Running out of bread, oh my gosh. Yeah it was like a workout, like cardio. The step machine in the gym. It’s pretty hard to do in Bali, in general, it’s very hard that’s why. You have a chance to do workout come here. Yeah and now we’re going to wear our helmets and you get back to Ubud. We just came to our place to visit
waterfalls. Wow, guys.. What a laugh… Oh my gosh of course I like
this.. Yes, I also like this waterfall..

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boncu nation

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tank you for coming indonesia


Frederik Høngaard

Haha, awesome video guys!


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