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New eco-friendly two-wheeler virtually untippable, too

New eco-friendly two-wheeler virtually untippable, too

By Micah Moen 0 Comment August 14, 2019

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous but a
new eco-friendly two-wheeled vehicle has a special feature that actually makes it much
safer than most other things on the road. Sohn Jung-in reports. This fully-enclosed
two-wheeled vehicle is part motorcycle, part car and virtually untippable — and it could
soon be in your garage. Its most notable feature is it is able to
balance itself and stay upright when fully stopped or even when being pulled by a rope
tied to a moving truck. So in the event of a collision, the vehicle
balances itself, instead of falling over, giving the rider more protection.
Daniel Kim, the Korean-American founder and CEO of Lit Motors… who came up with the
design, says the secret lies in a special feature. “So if you are wondering how it keeps itself
balanced, we have a patent technology. We use gyroscopes to actually keep the vehicle
upright. So it makes it untippable, so you’d need a baby elephant to knock it over.” Safety is the key, but with a maximum speed
of 160 kilometers per hour, it’s also pretty speedy.
The two-person vehicle is also electric and can go almost 320 kilometers on a two-hour
charge. Kim says the vehicle will be released within
the year for a price of 24-thousand dollars. Sohn Jung-in, Arirang News.

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