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Navarino Wildlife Area: Endless Opportunities in Nature

Navarino Wildlife Area: Endless Opportunities in Nature

By Micah Moen 0 Comment March 21, 2020

[Music Plays] [Stamp Noise] [Mark P — Local Hunter]
I like Navarino for all the diversity
that’s here on the 15,000 acres… the miles of Wolf River frontage…the flowages…
Opportunities to ski, snowshoe, hunt– virtually anything–trap… and be
around wildlife. [Kay Brockman-Mederas — Wildlife Biologist]
Navarino Wildlife Area is different from others because we’re in the tension zone. We’re where the southern species meet the northern great
woods. We have a mix of prairie, wetlands, and woods. And we then get to
teach those three habitat types to the school groups that come. [Tim Ewing — Director Navarino Nature Center]
Navarino has just about any of the wildlife that you’re going to anticipate in seeing in
Wisconsin. With the exception of a couple of the larger animals.. like the elk and that kind of stuff. So we have bear on the property. We have coyotes. We have fox. We have turkeys. We have lots of cranes. [Allen P — Local Hunter]
Navarino’s special because it’s very
versatile. You have small game hunting… large game hunting… a lot of hiking
trails, running trails, snowshoeing, just skiing. It’s just the whole variety. Way
back when my dad… when he went through there was nothing now there’s thousands of people
out here using it. [Tim Ewing]
Well, Navarino Wildlife Area is different because you have only three wildlife areas in the state where you have a non-profit Nature
Center that is, we’re cooperating with the state to do all the educational
programs. So there’s Collin’s Marsh, there’s
Brillion and then there’s Navarino. [Mark P]
There’s something to do here all four
seasons–any time of the year. Doesn’t matter if you just want to watch birds
or if you want to snowshoe… cross-country ski. No matter what you want to do, no
matter what time of year you want to do it. It’s way worth traveling here to enjoy
it. [Kay Brockman-Mederas]
There’s kids that do well in a classroom and then there’s kids that
really do well outdoors. They may be bored in a classroom and they’re not
here. It’s really exciting because they are the ones that are going to be taking
care of this place in the future so it’s really cool to have them out here and to
have that partnership with Navarino Nature Center. [Guitar strums] [Wisconsin’s State Wildlife Areas
A DNR Production]

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