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Multi-Tech Systems, Inc: Ecosystem Explored

Multi-Tech Systems, Inc: Ecosystem Explored

By Micah Moen 0 Comment August 14, 2019

(technical sound effects) – About four years ago, we made a strategic decision to move into what we call IoT now. So we started evaluating
all the technologies. Did some in-depth investigations, we built hardware, we prototyped things out, we did some real-world deployments and things like that. And settled on LoRa
because of its performance. It simply out-performed everything else. In the vertical markets that we serve, like transportation, need generally long distance. And other ones, like smart buildings need deep penetration. So the characteristics
of the LoRa modulation were perfect for both of those because of the way the
signal is transmitted. It’ll go long distances or
it’ll go deep into buildings. The ultra low power usage, many of the applications
that we tend to service are battery operated. And the longer you can go
with a battery operated device before you have to change the battery lengthens the lifetime of that in point and reduces your overall cost. To an executive, that means that you can have a business plan that is more viable than not. The LoRa Alliance, it’s proven to be quite the vehicle for collaboration
and ecosystem building for the LoRa technology. It’s grown really fast. We were there when it opened and it’s been awesome to see it grow. The overall ecosystem and the way people come
together and partner to grow is really a positive impact. (technical sound effects)

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