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MOOC PCH1x | Socio-Ecological Approach with Cornelius Williams

MOOC PCH1x | Socio-Ecological Approach with Cornelius Williams

By Micah Moen 0 Comment September 11, 2019

– The socio-ecological model talks about the family, the community, and the child. It’s a concentric cycle of
the community supporting the family, the family
supporting the child. The child has to thrive
within a family, right? And the family has to be
supported by community. So, it’s interlinked
actually, and that’s where you could have good child development outcome. The child has to have a school to go to, usually they have religious
institutions to link into, they have sports club they link into. They then have the family supports, the family is linked into the network, the kinship network in
some of these communities, actually, where the
kinship is still strong. Okay, the kinship is not
strong then the family would link into communities where you have governmental institution that would provide family
support and the family has to support the child and
then, that emotional bond that you would usually between
the child and the family, you know, and then, of course, if you look at the African setting,
and some of the setting in developed countries
then you have that kinship, the extended family that moves into the ecological model as well, supporting and surrounding
the child with a warmth and the development, the
growth that they would need.

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