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Monitor Lizards – One Minute Nature Show

Monitor Lizards – One Minute Nature Show

By Micah Moen 1 Comment February 11, 2020

Monitor lizards are huge reptiles that inhabit
Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Their genus, Varanus, comes from the Arabic
word waran, which means “dragon” or “lizard beast” The Komodo dragon is the largest of the monitor
lizards (and all living lizards), but it’s not in this video, unfortunately. The majority of monitor lizards are carnivorous,
although three tree-dwelling species in the Philippines primarily eat fruit. That said, most monitor lizards will eat any creature they can catch and devour. In recent years, scientists have discovered that some species of monitor lizards, such as this lace monitor, secrete venom in their
mouths to subdue prey. This combination of venom and brute strength
makes them deadly predators. So, on that note, tune in next time for another
episode of One Minute Nature Show.

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Very nice! Great footage. Keep up the fantastic work.


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