Martin Creek Lake State Park - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official] - Lake Harding Association

Martin Creek Lake State Park – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Martin Creek Lake State Park – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

By Micah Moen 1 Comment February 11, 2020

[music] – STEVE CLARK: In east Texas,
you’ve got trees everywhere. It’s quite peaceful to
be out in the woods. – It’s another way to commune
and to get back to nature. That you can get out and
actually hear what’s happening. [soothing acoustic music]– NARRATOR: Trees, trails,
water, and wildlife
make Martin Creek Lake
State Park a refreshing
East Texas destination.– STEVE: You can leave your cell
phone off and maybe catch up with civilization, you know,
another time. With the noise in life,
you know, noise around towns and roads, you get out here
and instead of your ringing in your ears you start to calm
down, your soul kind of quiets and you start to feel like
there’s possibilities. You think about things. [kids playing] – Well, it’s safe, clean fun. It’s uh, don’t really
have to worry much. There’s no worries. Having fun with the family,
getting the kids outdoors, fishing, trying to teach them
a little bit about nature. – The lake’s good. We got a lot of good
fishing out there. – Yeah there’s another one
down there, right here. – LEE: Catfish, bass,
crappie, brim. But the vast majority of
people are coming out here for bass and catfish. It’s good fishing for catfish. [lapping water]– NARRATOR: A power plant on the
lake keeps the water warm,
supporting a bountiful fish
population year round.
Thanks to the lights on
the dock, folks can fish
any time of day or night.– LEE: A lot of people
come out to go fishing. Some of them just come
out to go boating. [boat engine revs] It’s a 5,000 acre lake
so there’s a lot of space out there. We have day use at the
swimming beach area. A lot of people come
out with canoes. Two little volleyball courts
where people can play volleyball. The island is our
primitive campsite. Over there, there are
12 sites that have no water or electricity. – Two bridges, we’ll cross
the two bridges. – LEE: There’s a trail around
the island that a lot of people go on. A lot of people come here for
the hike and bike trails. – PAUL: The trail is very clear. You can follow it easily. This time of the year there’s
a lot of leaves on the trail. Real pretty. – LEE: We’re right now in the
process of fall actually catching up with us. So within a couple of weeks
we’ll have a lot of good color out here. We have anything that you would
want to observe out here from foxes to squirrels,
bobcats, deer, a lot of deer are out here. – STEVE: There’s a huge draw to
returning again to a peaceful place that makes you feel
better about yourself. You get peace here. You can get the calmness. It’s kind of got a cozy feel
to it here in east Texas. I guess the word I’m looking
for would just be a home away from home, really. [soothing music]

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