LEGO MOC #5 How to Build Lego Eden World Builder NERGLE - Lake Harding Association

LEGO MOC #5 How to Build Lego Eden World Builder NERGLE

LEGO MOC #5 How to Build Lego Eden World Builder NERGLE

By Micah Moen 1 Comment October 10, 2019

If you like the iPad game Eden, I’ll show
you how to make two creatures in it. In this video, you’ll learn how to make this one.
If you want to learn how to make this one, check out Part 2. So these are the pieces for how to make the
red and white character. You have six of these headlight pieces. One of these 2×3 piece.
This ear piece that’s 1×1 that has an ear sticking out. Two 1×2 bricks. Two camera pieces.
Two lights with no studs, circle lights. A red camera piece. This square orange headlight
piece. Three 1×1 bricks with eyes on it and one that doesn’t have eyes on it. First, you get these two pieces and you turn
it upside down. Get two of the six headlight bricks, there. Get three of the camera pieces,
two white ones and one red one. Put this one right here and put this one right here. You
take this one, get this in front and this one like this so it looks like that. Get this
one with no eye, like that. Next, you get these two bricks on here. Then this brick,
put it on here. Get these three eyes. One right here and one right here, one right here.
Next, you get two more headlight bricks, this on here, this on here and then you put this
like that, and this with the ear on it, like that. Next you get this last piece, put this
one on here, this one on here, and this one on here and there is your little Eden creature.
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