Late DIGITAL CAMPFIRE Skies, Chat, Silly, Positivism, Nature & Song. Skyfari Lounge 18+ - Lake Harding Association

Late DIGITAL CAMPFIRE Skies, Chat, Silly, Positivism, Nature & Song. Skyfari Lounge 18+

Late DIGITAL CAMPFIRE Skies, Chat, Silly, Positivism, Nature & Song. Skyfari Lounge 18+

By Micah Moen 1 Comment March 26, 2020

namaste love welcome how are you I hope
you are well I know it’s awesome isn’t it I’ve been really enjoying it bear
with me for two seconds I’m just gonna add the other screen in and we’ll get
this going I hope everything’s been good for you over in Margaret River I hope
anyone else that’s joining to us or going to join us that you’ve had a good
day afternoon morning afternoon or evening wherever you are that the sky
has been blue and the toilet paper has been bountiful plentiful replenished and
fluffy fluffy white okay here we go so I’m gonna start with something different
today ah my Internet’s being a little temperamental but I think we’ve got so
many people in the country on the NBN at the moment that everyone’s probably
about the same so let me just hope that catches up there we go and I do that of
my deep purple and we were talking about deep purple in the last chat so here we
go I think I need to change a background too
you can do it my day has been good that is important
okay let me just change the Becker and I think we need a different color today
let’s have a bit of orange be bigger if Elia the how’s everything going with the
gardening there has been same lots of rain – I know you hadn’t had much luck
last time we spoke averse and I do love me some day purple you to
will it’s a way love get yourself settled in get comfortable
pull up a lounge a chair a beanbag a pillow whatever it takes your fancy
hello Alex how are you how has your day been it must be early now let me do a bit of
a time check of where everyone is at the moment so it’s just before 10:00 a.m. in
London it’s just before 7:00 a.m. in New Brunswick Canada it’s about just before
6:00 a.m. in Pennsylvania just before 5:00 a.m. in Minnesota for 11 a.m. in
France and you have just about to go midday there Alex there we go
is my quick little I know right hmm
and I’m kind of viewing a little this is a nice semi a happy dove a holiday and
I’m sure you’ll probably like us don’t have a problem puttering around at home
for a while a gay and so what I think here a couple of hours behind there so
whereabouts good 9 p.m. here so you about to go about 7:00 p.m. N or B or
you a bit later feel free to come up and have it I’ve
already put the link up good I wasn’t sure if I’d done that or not hey I think
this is just the belly and then touch page probably see it better than I am I
am I taking a little bit of time to okay so
you’re three hours behind okay okay makes sense I’ve taken them I’ve started
playing my keyboard again in the last couple of days so I’ve been doing a bit
of piano for everyone as well which has been a bit of fun I don’t think I’ve
done any since this morning so I might do a little bit of that shortly as well
we’ve been singing songs with faint talk and crap we’ve been shooting the breeze
who’s been watching cool videos we’ve been yeah that’s kind of what we’ve been
doing party kids played another one love and I’m kind of new to this whole online
chat scene – it’s something I really haven’t done a lot of ever before and it
and I guess it’s very nice it’s been working for me I’ve been enjoying it
it’s been a positive experience I was telling my date purple story earlier so
I saw Ian Gillan who was the senior and deep purple who’s singing at the moment
but um at the corner in Richmond when I was about 16 years old and one of my
friends came and told me that he was over by the toilets it was in like the
between the yeah it was like intermission II kinda point iswhat
intermission isn’t the right word between sets
so I suppose is the best word and I walked up to where he was and I wasn’t
paying attention and walked straight into a wall in front of him and he
looked over at me and reached his arm out went the toilets that way love and
went back to its conversation I love it it’s you do so you’re gonna be busy yes I did my I even did a school project
on deep purple that was fun yeah anyway what’s up next I don’t know what’s up
next I’d have tried to mix things up a little bit we go a bit of Pink Floyd so
this is off the album atom heart mother which is one of the earlier albums which
I adore and this track is called if I know isn’t it weird have you felt this
years been surreal with time it’s like partly it’s like how did you know nearly
three months ago and look at what’s happened and you know first of all the
bushfires and you know then all of this and it’s just like what the Freak you
know anyway I’m at peace with going over my saturation point occasionally and
finding my way back and I’m doing okay you know keep it on keep it on eternal
quest for silver linings and all that sort of stuff thank you very much it was
a lot of fun actually I am watched it back before while I was having dinner
and it’s like I actually really enjoy them and it’s really nice to have people
you know sharing that with other people as well you know it makes it a lot more
fun for me too yeah doesn’t it and it’s been really
disjointed it’s like it’s going in waves and sometimes it moves faster and then
we lose stuff and it always gets always fine we lose more time coming up to the
full moons yeah it’s been it’s been like a constant onslaught relentless and you
know technology to some degrees pretty good when I can walk out of the house
with my phone pointed at the sky hit a couple of buttons and be sharing my sky
and what’s going on around me instantly with people around the world while
conversing with it that’s pretty cool I think we’re all gonna be going through a
little bit more that in the coming however long and that’s okay I think we’ve all had on some level that
this shit got real moment you know it’s you know and even just in a minor you
know way that there hasn’t been toilet paper send or nice sandal was the name
of one of the characters I think you know game is phrase as well if my memory
serves me correctly maybe it does maybe it doesn’t and so I’ve decided with this
time that I have to that I’m going to spend a lot more time doing these and
pottering and finishing projects around the house and you know doing what’s
right for myself not buying into it we’re not feeding it for what a better
word I I have no idea what that means but
that’s okay he’s pleasing to my eyes oh it’s my
phone talking back to me there you go it’s giving us some more Pink Floyd same
album summer of 69 below Apopka with Ariana Paco Paco and when I was in South
America my Italian was enough thankfully it was translatable enough also when I
was in France even though it done threes of French at school I could remember
more Italian because I’d heard it a lot more right okay shouldn’t go down
so is there been any really good silver linings for anyone this week I love Pink Floyd I thought there’s many
of us that don’t and unfortunately there’s a generation that hasn’t
discovered who they are and that’s okay Tory when they discover that their minds
will be beaten I am recently introduced so much Pink Floyd and set them down and
got them to listen to Dark Side of the Moon from you know back to back and
that’s pretty much all that – we paid phones on cuz you know people don’t have
sound equipment the way we used to things are a lot better with the old
components you know okay I might attempt a piano pace in a
second so if anyone plays any instruments or wants to come and chat or
wants to talk about anything or wants to read a poem or show anything we had a
really nice to Wobblies backyard yesterday in the rain frost which was
really cool or anything it’s a digital campfire for that reason so if not I’ll
keep things going on the big screen and talk play little music myself some Pink Floyd just does it for me
okay so I’m going to have to be I can’t mean what I put on next we’ll find out
actually that’s right I was gonna do PNA there’s something about skywatching in
pink floyd’s it’s just go together like butter and braids you know one of those
gold combinations nice I need to look at what all this means
okay I’m gonna pause here this is a great track and I’ll come back to it yeah Pink Floyd with purple sky is yeah
perfect perfect combination okay I’m gonna head to the keyboard for a second
I will say the comments but I won’t be able to type back for the moment but
that’s okay because my hands are we doing other things I’m waiting for that
ping moment when all my muscle memory kicks back in and it’s like yeah that’s
right I remember how to play these okay hey guy that’s on top of old smokey um okay what was this one again no no not
for the moment just because I like playing this one hey guy oh that’s okay as long as you
both understand each other and it’s actually really nice for Alex to be able
to speak in Hungarian as well so there you go oops whoops carrying around okay and I think
in part I’ve got my seat in the wrong place which doesn’t help so let’s do
that again oh god sorry that was really crap sorry
what I played that when I came before let’s try that again now it’s gone it has eluded me and
escaped for the day my piano playing ability that is ok let’s try this one
once though just because you never know ah well I made one mistake that’s good
enough okay there’s piano for now I actually
wanted to sit down and do a bit of practice today and it didn’t quite
happen but it’s okay in some ways I’ve got to share the the practice with
everyone else sorry Zoe okay so here we go and the beat goes on which seems kind
of apt at the moment after that you’re doing well definitely for me in the
armchair time join me everyone from a tap and Tori through to a full-on
sticking sector and let’s please and this definitely fits it slow it
stick in sick for me actually I know what I’m gonna put up either one tonight
let’s do some of the straighter of videos I did cuz they’re good and
they’ve got nice music I find if you want to learn something it’s amazing
what you can pick up and we went in languages like knees which the language and we all do that whoa bleep Inga’s hey yes Julian Hungarian yes that is all
good yep and that’s a good way to learn because they’re things you know and that
way you learn enough of the bits to be able to you know pick up the greater
context of it all you know it becomes a fluid
fluent kind of workable thing at that point and that’s good
I should write at least Kookaburra something so I found that was funny
do you remember kookaburra sits in the old gum train all of it was I was
looking for the lyrics of it last night as I kept having a hoss sing it and
there was these alternate cases that I’ve completely forgotten but wobbly
remembered them from when hey was it kindergarten I know I have no more silly time okay
you know what I’m enjoying the music I’m gonna leave this one as on as well
because I love this song and this guy was nuts
I couldn’t bring a lot of crazy ones this one was particularly not and I’m
enjoying the boogie in the armchair so let’s keep doing that yeah I well we spoke about this one
before so I think you were probably a couple years on me so I stopped drinking
when I was 28 so 18 years ago so you know a few half glasses here or there and highlights about hangovers is is
kind of nice yeah I think it’s a good thing to hide a grade and a heck of a
lot money more money to you know I was really bad at you know we all do when we
drink we open our wallets nice okay
which okay say we’ll definitely move across to some oh sorry I hit the wrong
button again the Internet’s having a moment I’m
having a moment and I’m trying to look the way I look at it we all have at
least one hypocrisy if not you know we all do and mine was always smoking and I
have another saying that everyone in life is slightly bent if knotted they
just plain boring in their own way too you know we all have our thing okay I might actually put it on random
because we’ve got I don’t think there was many new videos today and I’m pretty
sure we’ve watched them all you know we like birds and this one’s cool so let’s
start here so this is hub I don’t give it that thumbs up that is bad of me random and I just find bird sound really
really soothing yeah his many ways of saying that yeah and I great hey what’s this one a
few times I really like this video it’s been a quiet afternoon evening today
which is all good I think we all need a bit of quiet with what’s going on hmm did you manage to get toilet paper Alex nice that helps ego that’s one less
drama but at me so pretty okay let’s see what random gives us next okay so next
up is Dave the earth is falling this guy’s looking for you nice sized pass
another small city pond after the goldfish pond get to show Dave red lights not on is it I saw this one
and there’s a bigger yeah swimming I understand
swimming is it no one I wish Oh putting it back all right there it is exam
play we all get have newspapers before this comes to us and paper bark for me
if worse comes to worst ha ha ha ha it’s gonna be ok
the toilet paper apocalypse is taking hold
just one away hey Raymond gilma he has a really nice garden did you drop some 31
degrees yesterday or 26 today I missed it because it’s right cheek spots across
thus far this morning and it just proves that this specific line for the sprang
it’s because all the passenger parts are just background and we say that fiber
and I begin morally attacking us was a Quran of ours pending everybody thought
I’m having a garden today fruit and veg prices are gone ridiculous with always
Danny Boy pay $10 for celery yesterday see the same cauliflower and broccoli
and carrots pays and bangs or growing medicines or growing in our cotton so
he’s one way to take care of ourselves here’s somebody walking around the
outside there’s more it’s following skies looking for you somebody must be
there hold on o’night true prepper protection code didn’t get sold to Dave
today or hey P whoa Dave yeah the one on bandit profit yeah I’m sorry I missed a
couple of messages here bad man either his blaze Sal he’s great
so we Thomas’s since it was the European Robin : fading so let me just make sure
we got full volume on this did you get a decent night’s sleep last night David I
forgot to ask you as well agreed so pretty so this is blue Sal yep nice good yep good ones and bad ones
see the ones a non-physical one yeah good thankfully as long as the prayers
outweigh the cons in my day of that it’s been a good day it’s never ideal and
it’s never entirely shit there’s usually balances into a presence he’s probably a
good word for it I’ve been feeling a bit of that myself too in some levels but
then I always you know what I mean the rooms never empty let’s put it that way so pretty it’s amazing how much birds
have been doing it for me lately you know all of nature of course does but
there’s been AM yeah the birds have really helped nice was yours a positive one as well
Alex okay let’s see where this jump straining so I’m gonna adjust the volume
because full volumes never a great idea for me and my headphones yeah made Tori
there’s just soothes my soul okay so this is Little Egret this is Back to
Black who is most fabulous so I let’s put and this will have some lovely um I’ve written black Blacky that was silly
wasn’t it good then I hope your day is better for
udders well please Back to Black I could watch pattern of water for hours soothes my soul ok where did I put that
right here that was silly I’ve been having one of those days when I’m not
putting stuff in my normal places I’m spending all this time chasing my tail it’s an awesome channel awesome Channel agreed awesome I will be here actually I might
go and look took back to one of the older playlists I have a look at some
other really cool Australian stuff oh really not men I think you’re gonna
have to deal with that yourself little one this music is definitely doing it
for me so about a few times tonight we’ve just been playing some music I
played a little bit of piano we’ve been chatting a bit and I’ve actually left it
going on random to see what what happens okay this is only eight seconds this is
bushes pennsylvania wildlife camera who is freaking awesome so this is Speedy
Gonzales crosses a log actually that’s maybe that’s what we need to watch yeah
let’s watch that okay I’m going somewhere I’m off on a tangent so this
is yeah look old and um recommended this video and it’s just completely awesome
so let me put it on and that’ll explain it better than I can at the moment No
haven’t seen him yet I hang out with cockatiel companion in the fence and
dasyam for a while before which was nice and there was a lot of paper brown at
the beginning of the last chat it’s been a good day but I think everyone’s kind
of hey we’ve all gone into slight recovery mode which is good you know
taken stop catching breath all that sort of stuff so hey and yes I love you too
nutmeg bear with me for a second everyone I’m going on a tangent this is
awesome by the way we will come back to this so this is Debbie are at the moment okay give me a second oh no that’s not the okay this I think
is the video that originally we found him through okay so this is the second
one so I’ll show you the first one of these are afterwards so this is Bush’s
well sorry a little bit of Bush’s Pennsylvania wildlife camera and it’s
everything that crosses in um it’s phenomenally good and then there’s
another one as well I’ll come on internet please
okay well that’s um catching up okay so let me hit oh here we go
we’re back no that is a good thing I love to hook at all of the cats notice
I need to make myself another coffee in a minute as well but there’s no hurry
I’d like to see the rest of these first I really like that short window what is
going over the top though maybe I shouldn’t maybe I should sing a little do you know
what I might have a cup of tea instead of a coffee tea I find helps my singing
voice well warms up the vocal chords I know it’s amazing isn’t it so this is
in Pennsylvania so this is bush’s pennsylvania wildlife camera yep she’s at it again the answer is you
don’t feed the bear that’s Bob and that’s all the animals we
just saw really Muppet really an orphaned baby goat oh my god this is one
of my favorite stories ever he was fitted with a custom wheelchair
three week old timtam okay let me finish I’ll go back to the beginning he’s an
awesome baby goat is now the coolest kid on two wheels
after he was fitted with a custom wheelchair three week old Tim Tams
take care in Channel 9 News thank you very much Mission in central Victoria
this is just up the road from me not slowing down about 15 kilometres little
wobbly on his feet but wobbly bobbly to best friends Tim Tam the chocolate
colored baby goat is wheeling out the Trix after being saved from the brink of
death in central Victorian bushland and he’s just zipped everywhere take him out
of it to give him a rest just days old and unable to walk
the kid was rescued by a hiker and brought to Edgar’s Mission a sanctuary
near Lancefield caring for almost 500 animals braced initially by medical
facemasks vets weren’t around we’re not on full-on lockdown but I’m staying
indoors except for doing wheelchair food shopping he’s going to the park it’s a
done pretty much together round so we said we’re gonna help you I don’t think
it’ll be too long before he doesn’t need his cart
nobody can see him running around without smiling he’s just too adorable
he’s the best having a mystery illness is hungry work Tim Tam is not alone he’s
protected by an 11 year old copy known as vet nurse Ruby and refuses to part
from orphaned lamb Harriet Beecher Stowe well many animals here at Edgar’s
mission are rehomed whenever possible Tim Tams condition makes him I agree I’m
just trying to make sure sanctuary will be his forever home where he’ll live
happily ever after with Harriet I am not exactly sure what their future
will hold but I know it will hold it okay so you know Alex you’re not allowed
to leave your house 9news you meant to stay at home okay okay this is great
this is one that um Susan sent through so this is giving his brother Louie your
bath I really like this and I love look on his eyes makes me very happy yes hello muffin but Mayall met him next
to me yeah my beautiful 19 year old ancient princess
yes it’s become a grumpy old queen yes i mean ii lips okay
I wouldn’t be surprised in some ways if it would you know what I know I wouldn’t
say that nor be seen Margaret River a lot of
people here too after I have done volunteering in the past and I will do
it again oh here we go he’s one of my guinea pig e1 so this is some Strauss
Blue Danube this is called waltz for grass so we
don’t want these too loud yeah exactly moving right along yeah the world’s
fucked up place getting more fucked up by the minute and look I’m at pace so whatever comes
I’m at pace well you can just call it added
incentive what’s more than that but anyway that’s
just me just trying to be nice oh I like my new background okay I took a photo of
something which I thought would be cool and it is our David remember the name of
the we were talking about the coffee candy I took a photo for you I bought a
bag – it’s copy Co is the name yeah the heart knows what the head
cannot comprehend oops he exactly love always wins or to
miss one yes returning to wholeness thank very much I could watch them ate grass for hours earthquake enjoying the music very much I’m sorry I’m had a brain fart moment
uh-huh oh yeah that’s right I dyed my tea myself and you background
let’s get that I mean I photograph didn’t you background yeah likewise
I had a fuss tsunami will Fausto tsunami at one point it was like fuck and I’m
down the other side I’m just like like not tired but a little droopy and my
brains been farting yes oh that’s not a good look
I’ve done that too we’ve all done that we’ve all done that see what am i doing
I should give the girls the fullscreen and here we go now what does everyone feel like do they
want animals do they want me easy do they want skies do they one I don’t know
how to make poutine I don’t know what to be we’re gonna watch mm-hmm we want some
more P action on my PN I wasn’t good let’s step away from the piano for now
and I was gonna step away for a second and make it coffee but I’d like to
finish this song first because I’m enjoying it at the pop Corning piggy she
performs like a bucking bronco mister few shenanigans shenanigans
indeed okay give me a sec I’m just gonna put this on random oh here we go perfect
here we go this is cockatiel companion mint in the pheasant ozium and this is
gold so here we go everyone I’ll leave you with these for the minute I’m going
to quickly make myself a coffee and I will be back in a moment
oh this is happy for me this is very happy for me these little buggers climbing my legs
like a melon oh we’re gonna tech by a bloody rock wallaby okay wait what are
you doing you gonna help me no no no bad wallaby
bear down you know okay I’m trying to progress here
well look out I gotta get down move the buyers are very determined will not
let go a piece of meat no matter what and back this is my favorite bit too a
well-timed anger it’s an ami the camera really what you’re bringing to him lies
near the house donkey og of mecca’s that’s one cheeky
looking chick cheeky looking kookaburra kookaburra sits oh I should find them
they were funny okay that’s my little current mission give me a sec and that
strobes a gala donkey donkey don’t you love it when you get to that
stage hey wait a sec let me turn it down a touch you know I actually thought you write
its mill for a second day it’s my favorite clippable so far anyway that
might change you never know Gold right no I don’t that’s okay he’ll
pop up we needs to it’s the way these things it all happens and people come
and go out of this round to see me you know what I mean
everyone has their own timing and it’s gonna be different every time
I know insane right so it takes to cook of hours to make this noise but what
people consider the laughs yeah okay I’m gonna jump somewhere else after this and
that was ace okay so um he’s done a couple of he has a second channel did
you do I’ll really not make you want to go at
this second okay I’m gonna pick a song to start with and then I’m gonna come
and jump to something different okay here we go I’m just gonna let the
cat out I will just be yeah I’m coming my sweetheart sorry this sounds jumping a bit
buffering that’s okay love have a really good day
Alex thank you very much for joining us it’s been a lot of fun and I heard the
gun goes well and a tease from Becca’s okay I’m gonna
go forward through this one cuz this one’s long and I feel like music for
whatever reason so let’s keep going music so he’s snoring next to me
he’s one of my favorite tracks by buckshot look song hey definitely bug in
the armchair time well for me anyway hopefully someone will join me in there
share the boogie dancing like a maniac in my lounge room is one of my favorite
pastimes I’m developing a new love for booking in my armchair because I can’t
dance in my lunch room like a maniac with headphones on cuz I’ll just you
know that’ll end badly it really will well if the headphones
didn’t have a cord you’d be fine kunzite exactly exactly
he’ll end badly and most probably I’ll end up standing on the cord
uh-huh that’ll be what will happen we’ll get a small animal Cortlandt which will
end up in me falling over to try to protects a small animal which could be
one of many which is all good okay now makes this side of the pet
quest to go outside was not what she was actually after hey another round of pets I don’t know what does everyone want to
watch talk about or do I’m starting to run out of steam – it’s getting late
here what time is it it’s coming up on 10:30 my time okay give me a second you know what let’s leave these up this
works for me and of course it works for me pretty
much if it’s one of mine I like music yeah that’s a guarantee maybe half of
the method to our madness hello Russ Hawaii has everything in London today I
still quick look what time is it PA Co public coming up on 11:30 before
midnight was the sky blue today did you spend boy yes whereas you had to spend e
did you go out to supplies or was it a day indoors that’s probably the best way
of putting it lockdown okay yeah I’m glad yeah you can
say my face that’s what I look like okay you did awesome have you posted it yet I haven’t checked since I started this
stream so it’s been posted in the last two hours I will have missed it awesome
I’ll edit it now thank you wait let’s watch that because I was not
sure where to go next and that helps me as well great thumbnail okay done so I
just need to let it flip to the next song or it won’t pick it up and we will
come back to it in a minute and it improves and I was having a
so someone earlier will be you know saying it’s a really good time to be
making videos and hey if we’re stuck indoors usually it’s car watching
impossible at least okay let me just change this okay okay here we go it’s
new one from Ross Rome’s world sunset sky at 8:15 hi this is I like the music
it’s um it’s kind of vaguely along the same thing is the one I was playing
before Tori that um well same error at least blue skies are no rain nice I can’t go out yeah I know isn’t it always so I’m just gonna go back to the
beginning because we probably missed a half of that with the comments I find
cuz sunsets are normal you know in the bottom section of the screen and
sometimes if I have the comments that which is why I didn’t do these because
it doesn’t hide so much of the screen with the comments yeah luckily I have a
tripod but I just having my carport so it’s easy for me to move that but I
won’t be able to um I can still go to the park with the dog which is good is
really good music let me give it a bit more volume sorry
Oh puppy eat mmm is that your dog oh definitely boogie in
your armchair variety thank you very much it’s really good beautiful sky
that’s so unusual for those colors in London – isn’t it like you don’t get
skies like that the colors so much I love how old dog sit differently I’m
fire I love the way it looks behind certain trees that makes me really happy
that was really awesome it’s okay it’s beautiful Andrew who are lounging
oh okay so give me a second I’m just going to jump because oh yeah that’s
right that’s what I was saying before that’s where we were going to go so
cockatiel companion and the pheasant AZM has another channel called builds and
stuff and he’s doing a daily vlog on that so we watched the first one earlier
which was good so let’s watch the second one it’s showing their picks a track
before things he’s doing this earlier I appreciate your persistence but now so
here’s a link to this so this is his second channel well he has a few so it’s
just getting dark here now there is still plenty of traffic on the roads
we are about to go into lockdown around five hours no no way
no four hours so midnight tonight it’s all over
neighbors crossroads I know they have a party and I want all the toolboxes music
going I please not a whole lot of people everything and the doors on the cabin
okay Gary numbers in a minute first of all we’ll play a little game a
who remembers he’s old enough to remember pictionary
hi day I’m gonna do a quick drawing and pictionary that’s bloody awesome idea
listen to get it right in the comments wins a prize that prizes the knowledge
of knowing you’re better than everybody else seen for about twenty years
just come down from the Attic okay okay here we go
where’s the timer pocket I’m gonna try and do these videos on one go each time
so don’t do it anyway let’s go pretty simple yeah okay
let me give this OOP Danny get one shot of doing this it doesn’t you know I’m
bad at drawing it’s sort of too bad isn’t it yeah I don’t need the time
that’s about as good as I can do for that so if you know what that is put in
the comments below and yeah you’ll win the prize of being first at guessing
what that was it’s sin right hey first of all this
just came through on my phone New Zealand is in a state of national
emergency which means essentially government can enforce almost anything
they want they can close roads deploy the army force you to do what they want
keep you in the house anything they want we are at alert level for from midnight
tonight so we will be having to stay in their houses anyway for at least the
next month I will put a list of all the essential services that are opened down
in the description along with links to the government website in New Zealand so
some numbers as of 9:30 this morning unfortunately they haven’t updated it
today and then I won’t but 205 New Zealanders have this virus now
that’s not a very high number compared to worldwide but we’re shutting down
early here to try and get on top of it before it gets out of control population
too bad no deaths as of yet thankfully so that’s good four or five mil in
Australia you’re looking at about 2,300 plus cases so far and eight deaths at
the last I heard and in the world we’ve cracked the 400,000 mark now and deaths
over 18,000 so it’s getting pretty bleak so essential services in New Zealand
that will be open dairies supermarkets dairies is what we call no faster the
country unless you live in an area like like where there is a licensing trust
and they will be kind of open you’re gonna have to email them and we’ll ring
them in advance put your order in and they’ll have it ready for you and you’ve
got to go and collect it with some ID places like Gary’s meant to only be one
person in one person out the dairies are seem to be breaking these rules they may
shut Aldi Ruiz down across the country people have to obey rules people don’t
obey rules people are gonna die and we’re all gonna suffer longer so do the
right thing Fitz will be open places like Bunnings
and mitre 10 and stuff will be closed to the general public but they will have
less intensity to service trade professionals so that they can keep
everything else running similar thing goes with cars you may not be able to
get your car serviced unless you are an emergency type work at a hospital worker
that sort of thing everything’s going to take a long time
to get done it’s gonna be tricky we’re all on this together so yeah
that’s that didn’t think I was gonna be doing another update this soon but we’ve
gone into state of emergency here at about midday today and yeah 205 deaths
that sorry cases that’ll probably shoot up close to 300 tomorrow I’m guessing
we’re starting to accelerate we should if this lockdown works at our peak in
New Zealand in around 10 to 14 days time and then in theory it should start going
down but that’s only of everybody plays ball so wherever you are stay safe I
haven’t stays safe that’s another weird thing there’s no more saying cheers have
a good one yeah I’m sorry I haven’t replied to all the comments the last
sort of 48 hours on all my channels I will try and do that tonight tomorrow
morning being a bit hectic going out it’s been eight and a half hours
yesterday driving around supermarkets and hardware stores pharmacies that sort
of thing getting everything sorted getting medications and yeah getting
ready for this get ready for this lockdown so I’ll see you all tomorrow
probably probably do an update tomorrow who knows I’ll go and answer some of
your comments now from the previous video and there’ll be more information
in the description like I say some links and stuff and yes stay safe look after
each other try and find things to amuse yourself 2.6 billion people now on this
planet are on lockdown 2.6 billion that’s frickin insane
lockdown that’s 1.3 billion people in India staying home for three weeks it’s
just so hard to fathom all this if you’re in New Zealand stay in your
bubble if you find out what your bubble is is pretty basic whoever’s in your
house right now as of midnight tonight that’s it you’ll know how to associate
with anybody else unless you have to because you’re a hospital worker and you
need someone to look after your kids anyway stay safe guys
I will give you another update we’ll have another chat will do another
pictionary whoever wins okay you get to pick what color next time okay so
there’s the colors we need Trivial Pursuit okay I need to organize that put
the colour next to it and I’ll pick one of those colours
we from the box next time we’ll have a little bit of online pictionary ok
thanks guys see you later stay safe okay I’ve been asked by a few people to do a
a general overview of my Avery I might save this one for when Mel’s here cuz
she’s really gonna want to see this so give me a second
oh nice I used to really like the Trivial
Pursuit and trivia games and stuff and there’s a few games that we can play
that I’ve been sort of getting together and at the moment you know we’ve all got
time on our hands so trivia I think it’s a really good
thing here we go let’s have some um ah it’s doing the whole thing where it’s
selecting the track beforehand a general okay let’s try that again okay let’s
have a bit of ZZ Top so this is blue in LA who is awesome oh she’s many steps
faster awesome yeah good idea and we all learned a lot from Trivial Pursuit so
why not hey okay give me a second I’m just gonna let the cat out I won’t be a
moment same reality was a deceptive ploy and
she just wanted tuna on ice it’s similar probably to here you could do the same
with a panel but just voice okay I’ll check that out thank you very much let
me write that down I’m a little list of things to follow up
on that’s a really good idea and we need to
do all these little things as much interaction as we can give ourselves I
think it’s gonna be an important thing and look we’re not in lockdown yet here
but we will be soon enough and enough people so we’ll see what um
you know I guess we’ve all just got to do what we can actually I’m gonna try something if I
can do this this is gonna become so much easier right let’s try this that’s not gonna work okay so where we
are now why is he stopped ah let’s watch this again this was
awesome so this is star and David ah it’s done the wrong flippin thing again
you know what I’ll leave this one on too so this was
my one from earlier which is the birds from my backyard and the local community
garden I had a few minutes to kill give me a second I’m gonna try something
yeah I could do with a can of Buster Buster as well I definitely could okay so let’s do this
maybe I can’t do this while I’m in a stream I need a couple of pellet loads that’s
okay we can do that save these works and oops wrong thing no don’t do that I’m
trying to see if I can join it on my phone and it won’t let me you know what
there’s a way to do that okay let’s do that maybe he does maybe that’s what we
need some fast motion profit fighting balloons so you know what I don’t need to do that
right now so this is what I was going to put on that ol and sent this through so
this is a fantastic channel I’ll put another link of this in the trash so
David it’s very star and David I think this channel was let me double check
that where is it starring Daniel sorry star and Daniel ok
back for a second because that was a mighty cute dog oh love you didn’t enjoy
your tuner is that what you’re saying it is it’s absolutely stunning so the so the channel we’re watching is
star and Daniel you never know it’d be a good place to
be hey what we’re watching is starring
Daniel okay so he’s the new one from chou-heung
care which is phenomenally good he’s in Corona California and the skies there
look very similar to the skies here in Melbourne often and we often and say the
same thing same time explosions there are weapons that are simply thoughts
attitudes prejudices to be found only in the minds of men for the record
prejudices kill kill and suspicion can destroy and a thoughtless frightened
search for a scapegoat as a father for all of its for the children and the
children yet unborn and the pity of it is that these things cannot be confined
to the toilets so apps and we’ve so been in the twilight zone lately we’ve been
saying that a lot so I might call this after this we’ve
just gone two and a quarter hours I want to write out the alternate lyrics
to the cook of our song that I discovered yesterday services Choi Jung ket if anyone hasn’t
discovered this yet as well he does is my opinion the best time lapses like
just next-level amazingly fantastically fantastically huh that’s not a word you
know what I mean incredibly good you unbeatably good gonna live in here I
have a nice mornings this morning when I’m like I really don’t want to get up
but I did as I do every morning and it’s always so poops from her big
walk today that she’s gonna sleep for a couple of days oh pardon me so there’s new one from big
bay they he did change today this one’s Raza
I see xfo leaves right I made that right fillets one yeah and it felt like
something had changed in the universe like what are the universe I don’t know
something just changed yesterday so and often I find when that happens sometimes
you don’t realize how tired you are until certain things end and then you go
oh my gosh I’m exhausted you know I feel like today is like a recovery day in
some ways Oh padmé yeah I understand that what
timing yeah speak release you’re not a tired
yawn yeah I understand and look one thing I just tried to get
up at the same time every day and my buddy clucks like that I really can’t
sleep in anymore even if I like cuttin maybe getting half an hour but that’s
the max it’s like no okay up after I’ve ordered my day from the universe checked
my appointment I think I’m gonna call it after this I’m
starting to wilt as they say well do they say as I am saying in this minute
oh yeah say not mega Gray’s mm-hmm they most certainly are they most
certainly are and if you hadn’t taught me just weeks ago I wouldn’t have
believed you I love no don’t go there so on that note I’m going to attempt to
watch the episode of the book hard I’ve been trying to watch for the last week
hope for the hope that I actually I’ve got a feeling I’m gonna hear from a
couple of people so say in which case I hope everyone has an awesome night this
is the new video from old one way of watching at the moment which we watched
earlier it was lovely much love David I hope you sleep really well I think you
can’t just watch videos until you cannot do whatever you can to get out of your
head very good idea I want to use that fire pit I really
want to use that fire pit yeah I agree maybe put something brain-dead on or
whatever it ties to yourself about switch their head off and yeah do
whatever you can okay so in which case much love hope you have
a really good night and I will see you all somewhere on the other side may your
morning afternoon or evening be good wherever you are and I will see you next
time tonight David night everyone else it’s up there I hope you have a good day

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