Important Fact (demonstration)!!! #protection #virus #prevention #bacteria - Lake Harding Association

Important Fact (demonstration)!!! #protection #virus #prevention #bacteria

Important Fact (demonstration)!!! #protection #virus #prevention #bacteria

By Micah Moen 1 Comment March 25, 2020

Important Fact!
Cell phones are one of the dirtiest objects we come in contact with every day!! Hello again! Not only the virus itself can stay for about
2 days on the surface of your devices, but even more than 25 thousand species of bacteria
(or in other words 10 times more microbes than on the toilet).
Therefore, using your devices, making calls, taking photos of food, yourself and others
then eating is not recommended. You need to regularly sanitize the surfaces
of your devices. Please consider this demonstration of how
viruses and microorganisms can easily be transmitted by direct contact between your phone and your
skin (please do not try this at home, I have everything
prepared in advance for such purposes). Let’s pretend that each color is a separate
type of microorganism. Let’s say you woke up, grabbed your phone,
had breakfast or went to a restaurant, used the phone again,
dropped or poured liquid on it, used the toilet or went to the gym, and etc. overall there
will be such a painful image that you can’t see with your naked eyes. Further at home, you started using it again
or while eating, then you accidentally put your hands to your
face where they should not be located – for example, in the area of the triangle of death,
eyes, ears, the navel, genitals, wounds and other cavities where there is direct contact
with blood. And so unconsciously, the whole day went like
that when you just picked up the phone or just called. Kindly watch my other videos, also send me
your questions on Instagram and I will try to answer them during my free time.
Thanks for watching and please stay healthy!

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