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Icaro Ecology – Gianfranco Caccamo : Partnership Testimonial

Icaro Ecology – Gianfranco Caccamo : Partnership Testimonial

By Micah Moen 0 Comment October 11, 2019

In a few words, I would describe my company as a young and very dynamic company with a tendency towards new technologies. We got to know Haemers Technologies by coincidence during the preparation of a open tender for the Gela Refinery. We were chosen as local content or local partner, and for this reason, we formed a temporary business association. I was immediately fascinated by this technology and I strongly believed in the project. I came in by chance and I do not want to go out by chance; I take a leap of faith to go beyond the obstacle in order to allow the project to succeed. The most important project that we have completed, and that we are completing, is the remediation of Vasca 2 of the Gela Refinery. Haemers immediately proved to be an effective partner ready for solutions and resolution of solutions. We are decontaminating Vasca A from a very heavy hydrocarbon contaminant which has technical difficulties that have been well and widely overcome by Haemers’ experience with the ability to adapt during the process The reasons that led the Gela Refinery to decontaminate are of a mandatory nature, in the sense that they had an Operational Remediation Plan approved by the Ministry of the Environment and the method chosen and used was precisely the thermal desorption. It has always been a fair and correct Relationship, especially from the human point of view, characterized by a capacity for intent that is superior to normal: this has led to a very linear collaboration and I am very glad to participate in such important project as that of Gela. I look forward to future collaboration as one of Italy’s leading partners and for this reason we are working with Haemers in an extensive way. I see a very bright future because at the same time we are doing a process of growth almost equal in achieving the objectives set with the hope that everything we are investing in terms of economic and human resources will soon pay off.

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