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How To Set A Virtual Background In Zoom

How To Set A Virtual Background In Zoom

By Micah Moen 0 Comment March 25, 2020

Want to spice up your Zoom meeting with a
virtual background? This is how you do it… First off, you got to open up Zoom the program
itself and that’s this little camera icon with the blue background. Click that, and you’re going to get this screen
popping up, which is your Zoom home page. Underneath your icon here, we’re going to go
into settings, which is the little gear that’s the same across every program now. Click open that bad boy and we’re going to
go into virtual background. Now you’ll see there are a few options there
that you can choose to change into your virtual background. Maybe you want to go to a peaceful beach setting. Maybe you want to relax in the nighttime underneath
the northern lights. Or maybe you’re having a meeting with the
sharks. Either way, you can change it to be whatever
you like with their default options, or you can upload your own options by clicking right
here “Add Image or Video” and then upload whatever you like. Bare in mind, whatever background you select
it’s going to be your default until you come into the settings again and click “None.” So, if you close out of a meeting where you’re
feeling a little spaced out and you re-open Zoom even three days later, this is going
to be your default until you change it back to none. Makes sense? Well there you go. That’s how you can enjoy some virtual backgrounds.

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