How to Create an On-the-Go, Eco-Friendly Kit | @AmFam® - Lake Harding Association

How to Create an On-the-Go, Eco-Friendly Kit | @AmFam®

How to Create an On-the-Go, Eco-Friendly Kit | @AmFam®

By Micah Moen 0 Comment October 7, 2019

HALIE TENOR: Want to maintain
a sustainable lifestyle on the go? Create an eco-friendly kit. Hi, I’m Halie Tenor, and I’m
a Sustainability Analyst at American Family Insurance. When I go into work, I get to
help reduce American Family’s environmental footprint. I’m passionate about doing
this in my own life, as well, and one of the things
I’ve done is create an on-the-go eco-friendly kit. Putting together a kit
is a super-easy way to reduce your
environmental impact. You can keep it in your
backpack, by your car, or by your desk. This way, you won’t
have to rely on things like disposable coffee
cups or to go containers. Let me show you a few of the
things that I keep in my kit. First up, I like to go
to you with my friends, and it’s good to have a
few items on hand that help me make smarter choices. I have reusable utensils,
a straw, a mason jar, a to go container, and a napkin. Avoid disposable
plastics and choose items that are made from
things like bamboo, silicone, or stainless steel. I have a stainless steel
straw, but you could also look for paper straws
or silicone straws. I also have bamboo utensils,
because bamboo is a sustainable resource, but you
could also look for regular silverware
or just anything that’s not disposable plastic. I have a mason jar,
which is versatile, because you can use it for
things like iced coffees, water, or leftover
food from a restaurant. I also have a
reusable napkin, which I got from a thrift store. I have the plastic
to go container that I got from a
different restaurant when I forgot to
bring something along. I remembered to wash it out
and put it back in my kit so I could reuse it at
least one more time. I find it useful to keep
a few different drink containers in my kit, as well. I have a water bottle
that’s reusable that I can refill
when I need to. I also keep a travel coffee
mug in my car in case I want to stop for a coffee. I don’t have to use
a disposable cup. The kit is also helpful
while running errands like going to the grocery store. I have a few different bags
that I make sure to bring along, like a reusable
tote and reusable produce bags that you can use
instead of the plastic ones. So those are a few of the
things that I have in my kit. Try putting one
together for yourself to make it convenient
for you to make eco-friendly choices on the go.

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