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How does diet effect your gut?

How does diet effect your gut?

By Micah Moen 0 Comment February 10, 2020

So diet and lifestyle, they
wanted you to keep the same, so that it wasn’t a
factor in the FMT. So it’s like if you change your
diet, is it because of this or is it because the FMT. But Professor Camp
said to give it the best shot possible
to go preservative-free, because preservatives actually
cause inflammation in the body. So two weeks before I
underwent the first transplant, we decided to go
preservative-free. And it’s really easy. And the food is amazing. And the only hard thing about
it is if someone has lollies, I don’t say no. But I’m supposed to apparently. But I don’t. And the healthy diet, sort of
healthy for your microbiome, typically the fresh
fruit, vegetables. But the catch is, in
a city like Melbourne, with millions of
millions of people, not everyone can get access
to fresh fruit and vegetables, not just because of what you can
afford to buy, but also because in a city this big, the only
way that everyone eats is that there is an element
of processed food, processed with preservatives
in tins or packaging. That’s the only way we can
feed such a large population. But that’s the issue. Healthy eating in general is
probably best, if you can. In society, at the
moment, there’s a big thing on clean eating
and not in processed food. And I think that’s
great, but there’s also going to be a genetic component
to these diseases as well. And not everyone that eats
a terrible diet gets sick. But it’s always good
to a healthy diet.

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