How Do You Spot a Bad Environment, Culture, Etc When You Interview? | JobSearchTV com - Lake Harding Association

How Do You Spot a Bad Environment, Culture, Etc  When You Interview? | JobSearchTV com

How Do You Spot a Bad Environment, Culture, Etc When You Interview? | JobSearchTV com

By Micah Moen 0 Comment October 12, 2019

hi I’m Jeff Altman, The Big Game Hunter. I coach people around job search, hiring, managing and leading– being more
effective in the workplace, in general. Someone asked me a great question. It’s
“How do you spot a bad company culture, environment, bad job scope before
accepting an offer. What a great question! And it requires some effort on your part
and it starts off with the effort of noticing. So, for example, when you walk
in on the interview, what are the people like? What’s the energy like in the room?
How do they conduct themselves with you so that you feel as though, well, you
notice how they feel. Are they energized or not? Do they seem rundown, worn out? What’s going on? Not one person. That’s not enough to judge by. The entire
office, two, three people? That’s something to notice and inquire about because it’s
not just as simple as noticing. It’s, perhaps, something along the lines of “is
there anything else you want they ask?” “yeah I’m curious about the culture
around. Like, for example, you seem you know pretty worn out tonight or you seem
kind of tired I don’t know if that’s the normal condition for you what’s it like
working here so I just want to check with the environments like you notice
the future boss do they seem irritable cranky annoyed
hey anything else I noticed that you you seemed like there were a lot of stress
what’s going on I’m curious what it’s like for the staff are they under a lot
of pressure it could be as simple as the questions that you ask now if you don’t
want to do it at the interview another way is to look for people who work for
this firm and in this group on LinkedIn again a require some effort and may
require that you sent the connection requests or join a group that there are
part of so you could message them or either of course
got the phone call so for example what you might do and looking on LinkedIn is
see someone who’s doing similar work to that which you’re gonna be asked to do
do you have a job description pull out some phrases from the job description to
a LinkedIn search now we’re down by company as well and lo and behold by the
way you can also narrow down by for more employees not necessarily current ones
and thus be able to contact former employees and say you know just
interview did so-and-so and did you work for such-and-such there no okay I’m
sorry is there someone that you know who did
because I just picked up something about the environment I just want check it out
because I don’t know if it’s true or not but I just want to get a sense of what
it’s like working in that group I could talk about that I know some stories and
maybe interacts with the one that you’re interviewing right no matter the idea is
always to investigate the start by noticing what’s said and not set the
behavior and the personalities of the people that you’re speaking with are
they high-strung and irritable seemingly down and depressed what’s the noise like
in the room is it kind of energized or dead or some gradient in the middle
however it is it’s always worth investigating and again back to the
notion of what it’d be like to work for that particular manager I always remind
people everyone’s on good behavior when they
interview you’re on good behavior and so are they so understand they are not
always going to be that nice Pleasant individual that you’re talking with
today they’re gonna be days that they’re grumpy grouchy or what-have-you and you
recognize that but the question is what’s the overall trend with us
I was talking to someone recently who joined the new firm who welled up with
the manager from hell and he had turned over 60 people in the
last year now even that’s exaggeration it was 40 in
the last year that’s a hell of a lot of people to be turning over and you
recognize that you hear that story there’s no way you’re gonna be the one
person out of all those who’s gonna make it through the right to always
investigate culture but like you I remind you and everyone’s gonna tell you
all sorts of happy stuff but unless you investigate and inquire both directly or
indirectly about what it’s like working in that team you’re operating on
clairvoyance and I know I’m not particularly clairvoyant I suspect the
same as true of you too I’m Jeff all open hope you found this helpful my
website is the big game on us if you’re interested on one-on-one coaching on the
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as well and there’s a lot more content in the blog that you could watch listen
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a great day and take care

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