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Gradient Balance: Making Art with Nature

Gradient Balance: Making Art with Nature

By Micah Moen 1 Comment February 10, 2020

Gradient Balance (Stone Balancing) My name is Safin Hussein Uthman, a resident in the city of Soran (Erbil Province). My nickname is John Safin. I studied until twelfth grade, but due to my lack of interest in studying, I dropped out of school and started creating art. The city of Soran has many beautiful sights. I turn on my motorcycle… I pack up my tools and items, shoulder my backpack, and start driving to the mountains and plains. Any place that is appealing to me and has nice rocks, then I do my work there. The inclusion of water gives greater pleasure to the practice of the art… The waves, the wetness. For example I wash the rocks with the water. I wash the rocks, as I very much fond of them, and want them to have a more captivating look. And that is one of the reasons I work at places where there is water… But I also work in other places, on land in high and low altitudes, the location is not important to me, only nature… For me wherever it is the only important thing is that it has stones, what I work with, and I want to be in those places. *starts playing Harmonica* My art is only done far from others, and I’ve run away from society… I come to unpopulated places to nourish my spirit. This art can not be done in society, because all there are occupied with their own work and responsibilities. And I am an artist, I want to adapt with nature and live far from society. Sometimes, when I am working on a piece, a stranger chances seeing me and stares at me for a while… And when I finish what I’m doing they look over at me and says, Oh wow! what are you doing? Is this some kind of magic trick? And I say, no my work is far from these things. I have not studied the arts anywhere, but sometimes I create pictures with stones in nature. I may not be good at it, I don’t think I am good. But I still do it. I draw on paper too, and hang them on the walls at my home, and other places that I like. It is strange to me, people consider rocks to be solid objects, I, however, think that they are very tender… Because I talk to them, and they listen to me. I tell them to… stand this way or that, move a certain way, balance yourself like this The rocks converse with me, I am very attached to and have a great affection for them. I can say that I consider them to be a living beings, a friend, or a relative. meaning that I am never alone wherever I go in the world because there will be rocks and I’ll see them. Most people when they look at me busy with the hobby, say, you are not doing real work. But some thank me for my work, applaud me for my dedication, and wish me the best. Others, will joke around. But there are all kinds of criticism, destructive and constructive in this country. This is the art of Gradient Balancing, a name that I came up with and I am the only person who is engaged in it in Kurdistan. I don’t have any information on how it is practiced and what it is called in the world. But when practicing it I derive pleasure from it and feel like it satiates my soul. and go to the mountains, the reeks, brooks, and the rivers and there, I create my pieces. Truly, it is a great feeling to finish any piece. When I look at it, I feel that I have an ability to get along with rocks… Find their weak spots and balance them on top of each other. And as a hobby, and in the future I hope to develop my skill further and improve my work. The art of Gradient Balancing, is obtaining spiritual pleasure… No rock will just balance on top of another, meaning any such instance indicates a cause. For me, it has been nearly two years that I have been busy with this art, and can trace it back to an older time, but it has been two years that it has become routine for me and in different places I actively engage in it. Balancing stones, I can say that it requires many parts of the body to create a piece. For example, your eyes, your sense of touch. You have to feel towards which side the rock is going to fall… You have to feel it with your sense of touch and maintain the balance… sometimes I close my eyes altogether when they are tired and give full focus to my hands… other times, I focus my eyes on the points at which I balance the rocks. *Sparrows chirping* Anytime I finish a piece of work, I bring my Harmonica out of my bag, and start playing in from of the rocks… this deepens my fondness for the rocks by calming me spiritually, and hearing the music brings me joy. I don’t use internet, and keep my distance from society, I live in nature, and am comfortable. I feel like I am a person who lives differently in society, because I always live among the mountains. I love working with rocks, they are inanimate and cheap,which makes my practice easier. Any work I finish, I leave behind, just like rocks are omnipresent and you see them everywhere, I want my work to be the same. In this way my pieces are very low-priced and cheap to make. I only take a single picture after I finish a work, and keep it as a memento. Subtitles by Kosar Nawzad
Editing by John J Catherine Manger
Sarwar Mhedin Producer
Hersh Sidiq Camera
Aram Lalo Assistant
Sherwan Abdul-Wahab Montaj
Omer Akreyi Director
Aram Lalo

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