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Full Ecology Website Launch

Full Ecology Website Launch

By Micah Moen 3 Comments October 9, 2019

Hey everybody . .. We’re really happy to be hear to let you know about our full ecology
web site. Gary and I have known each other for six years
now. And that means we’ve been talking for that
long about the connections between our work in the world. For the past 35 years I’ve been walking and
paddling the wild places of the world. Writing books – not just about the wonders
of nature, but how it thrives. What makes it so resilient. Meanwhile I’ve been on a faculty at a graduate
school for lots and lots and lots of years – teaching and doing research in the social sciences. And I’ve also been being a mom. Full Ecology is the way our thinking has come
together from exploring the common ground between everything we know. That common ground begins with interdependence. Interdependence with nature. As nature. With each other. We’re connected. And that guarantees belonging – a deep belonging
that we’ve had all along. The wolves, the elephants, the birds and the
bees have for millions of years all been about the very same business of living that we’ve
been on about. They have much to teach us. And we have much to teach each other. Now, here with this web site we have a place
to bring it all together. In Full Ecology. You can read through our “Learn,” “Work,”
“Act” and “Inspire” pages to consider ways for bringing Full Ecology into your day-to-day
experience. You can check out the keynotes and workshops,
the retreats and the courses we offer. Celebrate with us. Take a look. And we hope you’ll also add your name to the
site’s email list, so we can share more as we learn it. And so we can learn from you, too. All of us, together, in Full Ecology.

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Kathleen Byrne

This sounds so amazing and timely! I cannot wait to explore this website!


Alice Martell

You two are terrific and so inspiring, even in a 2 minute clip!


Bee Dancer

I LOVE YOU!!!! So Excited that you will be with us doing a retreat in Mexico in Feb 2020!!!! lucky us — lucky world.


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