Fort Boggy State Park - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official] - Lake Harding Association

Fort Boggy State Park – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Fort Boggy State Park – Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

By Micah Moen 3 Comments February 10, 2020

[wind] – J.D. MILLER: It’s a very,
very beautiful park. Very small, quaint. Unknown to a point. We most definitely
are a hidden gem. Not many people know
about this park because they hear about
the bigger parks. Once they find out
about this park, we see them coming back
again and again. [bird call] [gentle music] – TOMMY NEYLAND: There’s woods,
there’s open space. Every bit of it just
real picturesque and something that you
won’t forget. [upbeat music] [calm music] – I’m J.D. Miller, I’m the superintendent of
Fort Boggy State Park. We consider
ourselves East Texas. We’re about 45 minutes
north of Huntsville, about two hours north
of Houston. [woodpecker pecking] Tree-lined terrain. We have the oak trees, we have the bois d’arcs, we have hickory, uh, just about every imaginable
tree, really. I consider it more of
a true forest area. A hilly country as well. [birds calling] Back in the 1800s, there was
an actual fort here named Fort Boggy after Boggy Creek. Our little 12-acre lake is
pretty much what everybody comes out to enjoy. It is spring fed, so it’s
actually cooler than the actual creek itself. It is a no-wake lake. They can get out
and swim and fish. [fly casting whooshes] We do have a one-mile
hiking and biking trail that goes around our lake. We do have the two-mile
hiking trail and biking trail that encompass our
primitive campsites. They are spaced out. No electricity,
no running water, it’s true roughing it. It’s a hike in and enjoy
actual nature. We do have an actual
pavilion for the rental. It will hold up to 40 to
50 guests at one time. Pretty much used every weekend. Our cabins seem to be
our main attraction. It is glamping. The cabins are very,
very beautiful. You have your
queen-sized bed, bunk bed with an
actual trundle. It is heated and
air-conditioned. A little bit more home comforts. [gentle music] [fire crackles] – We could not do a short trip
if we had to bring it all. It’s just not worth it. – We like the amenities that
the cabin brings as far as a nice cushy bed. – If you’re not into bugs
and things as much, you can escape that. [laughs] Having a bed and not having to
worry about the shelter aspect is good, and it’s good
for any kind of weather. – At the same time, you know,
a little bit of rustic with the environment and the fire
that we can still have, so it’s just right. – JENNIFER: Just a
little escape. [upbeat music] – We hear it all the time,
“We never knew y’all were here,” “We never heard of Fort Boggy,” “Man, y’all have a
beautiful park.” If you don’t want the
big park experience, most definitely come
to Fort Boggy, the small park experience
that you will never forget. [gentle music]

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jesus fish

Right down the road from my house, I never knew!


Crazy Dog Mom

I would LOVE to see one of these done about Fairfield Lake State Park. I feel like it’s a real hidden gem too! It’s a best kept secret by the bass fishermen. Beautiful new campsites and a pristine 2,400 acre lake. It’s between Dallas and Houston hidden off I-45 and I feel like no one knows about it!


Tweety on the Trail

Looks beautiful!


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