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Focusrite Pro // Dante & RedNet: A Case Of Endless Possibilities For Belmont University

Focusrite Pro // Dante & RedNet: A Case Of Endless Possibilities For Belmont University

By Micah Moen 0 Comment August 14, 2019

[Music] my name is Michael Janus and I’m the chair of the audio engineering technology department at Belmont University our department is part of the Mike Curb college of entertainment and music business we cover music business songwriting audio engineering technology motion pictures and Media Studies it’s the largest college on campus in the audio engineering program we generally average about 400 majors per year this college actually started as a small department in the College of Business we ran out of space quickly on campus you know we were just juggling a lot of stuff around we had to expand it came to us from senior leadership they were like okay envision it what do you want out of this college this area is used for student films all kinds of old stuff for Foley props typewriters we’ve got old telephones my name is Ron Romano I’m the technology specialist for the curb college and their team in music business this room is equipped with a 7-1 system Santa Claus brought run down the chimney for me and this program wouldn’t run without him my role is to make sure that number one of course all the gears eyes running and working the way they needed to here we’ve got a couple of the racks that we use as mobile racks we do a lot of testing in here it’s a big task to make sure that several hired computers and systems working and running all the time but you know the tools that we pick help make it easier and that’s intentional we wanted to make sure that we had a post facility that had you know a lot of great gear in individual rooms but also the ability to interconnect rooms and move audio between rooms in the facility in the fall of 2014 we’re right in the middle of trying to figure out what we wanted what are other schools doing what is out there now and then we started hearing about Redknapp and the Dante networks from there we kind of just sort of start you know schematic in and out and sort of kind of a lion diagram of what we’re looking to put together my first experience with red net and the Dante network was really that eye opener that I think any tech would have you’ve read about it you’ve seen the videos it almost sounds a little too good to be true until you initially fire the stuff up in our Johnson Center we’ve got six rooms that are fully Dante and redneck capable in our flagship room here are Dolby Atmos theater it has a couple Mac Pros with red net interfaces so we can do 32 channels on each side of those the red six is for the Madi connections through the console and out to the Dolby rmu which is the box that does all the Dolby Atmos magic in our small theater here in Justin we have a 71 mix room kind of a similar setup to the large theater – the Atmos capabilities they all have the ability of course for us to patch a room to another room or all rooms together on our fourth floor here we also have the foley and 80 our studio and another rack room we’ve got a set of red net fries that they remotely control from redneck control in that room we’ve actually you know put the redneck control in the Pro Tools channel strip it’s nice for a student to be in Pro Tools and actually control the fries right inside of the app itself I think it’s important that a student gets their hands out a little bit of everything as they go through a program like this now they can say oh yeah I’ve done audio over networks and I know how to do you know Don take control that’s that’s huge even just to have seen it and mess with it a little bit before you get out of the real world well not all of our rooms have permanently installed Dante equipment and them we certainly of course we’ve hired this building all the way up to give us Network capability really in any room any location that’s why we’ve got the rolling rigs that we have with some redneck rooms so that we can deploy those out and that’s again what makes it so brilliant we’ve got a connection to any of our other Dante rooms I don’t think we’d be able to really do some of the things that we could do if we didn’t have the Dante in the red net sure there are always long ways to go analog and and do some things but you know once you really experience it you start to use it you just realize that this is like the Swiss Army knife you’ve been looking for it seems like every time we’re tasked with a project if I spec and put this stuff in it just hits it out of the park everybody’s happy it makes everybody look good the project looks great everything sounds good that’s what it’s all about we just want to solve problems get it done the kind of possibilities are infinite from here now that we’ve moved into an audio over IP system and you know with the Dante Network and redneck gear we just continue to be blown away with its capabilities and we know that it will be able to take us to those next levels you

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