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#eco #friendly #selfie

#eco #friendly #selfie

By Micah Moen 2 Comments September 13, 2019

#corpoemployee #Iam30 #Ivehadenough #Iwantchanges #Iambecomingavolunteer #Iamleavingthecity There has to be a sunrise in my movie,
otherwise it will not be successful. One day I woke up very early
and went out to record the sunrise. But the cat decided that,
considering current trends, HE is the guarantee
of the movie’s success and popularity. Time will tell whether he was right. Many things in this film went
not the way I wanted. In this fact I see beauty
and the creative force of the universe. I went to the forest reserve to help
a family to take care of their farmhouse while they were away for a month. and me… #eco #friendly #selfie F Fi Fil Filt Filth Filth and Filth and Cle Filth and Clean Filth and Cleanli Filth and Cleanline Filth and Cleanliness In the forest reserve everything is clear:
filth is filth. If you got dirty,
go and wash yourself. You can touch the dirt
and still have a pure mind and heart. It is often the other way in life. Your hands may be clean,
but your soul may feel bad. You don’t necessarily
have to do something bad. Being not in your place in life and doing something that does not
suit you very well is enough. 7 years of work in a corporation has not
produced any global changes in my life. I learned a lot of things but I still
had a sense of unrealized potential. It took me quite some time to understand
that if I don’t change this now, in 20 years I will be
in the same place doing the same job. When I gained enough courage and made
my final decision I told the boss about it. After a long deliberation the boss
came out with the proposal to not break up with the city. He granted me two months of unpaid leave
and the opportunity to think about what I want to do in my life… and see whether living in the countryside
and taking care of an agritourism farm… working with soil… taking care of horses…
and other animals… is what I desire. The stay in the reserve
was purifying for me. Throughout the day I worked in the fields,
took care of animals, strolled around. In the evenings a bath was waiting for me,
and thinking over who I am,.. ..why I am here…
and what I want. Over time, my thoughts
were becoming clearer. I felt that it was a right decision
to leave the city. I have never been more true to myself
and to the rest of the world. Deciding to record this film, I knew that
I would bare myself and my experiences, and with them my feelings…
for everyone to see. I believed that it is worth
to share this with people. Perhaps it will inspire someone to change –
someone who needs this change, but lacks courage for it. In the evenings I was
sorting out the mess in my PC. When you have order around you, on
the inside everything also comes to order. Looking at the world becomes
easier and clearer. The thoughts occupying my head are like endless rain causing a stir
on the surface of the water. Only when it stops raining we can see
what the surface of the water reflects or see what is hidden beneath it. Water and Hay It was wonderful to observe
the relationships between animals… their beauty, and natural behavior. There was some kind of unearthly
calmness inside them. In the forest reserve
the natural order of things is preserved. When you see that something
requires your work, you do it at once. It is different in the city: We work for money and career. We forget that the purpose of work
is to satisfy the needs. As a volunteer I did not have to worry
about money or a roof over my head, so I could focus on the performed actions. For me,
work was a meditation in motion. I was glad that the things I did there were
needed by these animals and by this place. Many people in the city only need money. It seems to me that
they are in a different reality than I am. Being alone,
I could look deep inside myself. See everything the way it is. Take a look at
what I’ve been gathering for years. Uncover the fuzzy image
which I created for myself and work on it to clear
and calm my mind. Only when you have a clear picture,
you can go further. Cereals, meat and crisps Feeding animals I wondered
what role food takes in my life. What we eat
affects us strongly. In this place only animals eat meat. The owners,
Urszula and Slawek, are vegetarians. I do not eat meat for a long time. The cooking process
for me is very creative. I rarely cook according to a recipe … but I almost always follow
the theory of 5 elements. I am cooking cereal according
to the 5 element’s theory. First I add apples, a little bit of nuts, coconut shavings, a little cinnamon
and then mix everything. This was the earth element,
the sweet taste. I add raisins and make a transition to
the metal element – this is a spicy flavor. Then I add cereal, oatmeal this time. A little ginger. Mix again. I add a pinch of salt in the water element. Then I move to the wood element,
or the sour taste: I squeeze a lemon. Then I add cocoa – the fire element. It is good to taste it from time to time. Then you know whether
you’ve reached harmony. Dogs… Dogs were very voracious. It seems to me that
they only think about food, and fun. This is so natural. Food motivates dogs to learn. For example, the “sit” command. Sit. Sit. Very good. Big dogs ate once a day,
so they were guarding their bowl. From time to time
all dogs were given treats. Meat. Raw meat… What could be better for a dog. The cats lived upstairs. They were waiting
for their portion of treats. Every day at the same time
they were checking for me. There was also quite a struggle
over the largest portion. Some of them did not have enough strength
and courage, so they waited for leftovers. A unique, cosmic cat lived in Karnice. He was alone and often stayed outside,
waiting for food. Sometimes he made gestures
with the paw to draw attention. Relaxation and Work I relaxed and worked alternately. I also tried to take care of my body. Nature has its own
natural order of work execution. If you don’t do something,
then nothing will happen. A simple example – cleaning the chimney. If you don’t throw the ashes away,
there will be no draught, so it will be terribly cold. Second rule: no matter how hard
you try to put things away for later sooner or later you will have to do them
and it will be even harder. So doing certain things
on a regular basis becomes some kind of
taking care of yourself. I remembered childhood. In summer, parents brought me to my
grandmother who lived in the village, and for 3 months every year
I helped her at the farm. I have very positive
memories of these days. Although I worked a lot,
I also had time to play with my friends. We played soldiers.
We were running and jumping. We also thought that when we grow up
we will become superheroes and change the world!!! Every day I went for a walk.
It was a duty, but a very pleasant one. Dogs in the second house
were waiting for me. They had a lot of energy and joy
that had to be freed. RUN RUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed life together with the dogs. We were a good team. I did not feel lonely at all. There were plenty of smiles and joy. Dogs are always smiling. Of course, there were some fights
and misunderstandings… … but not serious ones. After a successful walk there came
time for rest and reflection. This spring at the age of 26 Pipi died of old age. There Will Be No More On the last day of winter
a mouse fell into the trap. To end its suffering and give it a quick
death I let it out in the presence of dogs. On the same day a bad thing
happened with a dog. The mouse was not eaten by a cat.
The cat only played with it. The dog which was nearby ate it. Cynka was bitten by a tick and had symptoms
of severe illness – babesiosis. I had to react quickly
and at 7 am on Sunday I was already on my way to the vet. I visited him for the next three days. I thought that there
would also be a love story in the film. But I got an email from the girl stating
that our relations withered. So it’s hard to show something
that does not exist. It was obvious though that I must come back
to the city to clear things up. Time for summary. Injections helped Cynca to recover… But the vet said that if there
will be a relapse after six months, then nothing can be done… …and she’ll die. Two months later the cat disappeared. You never know how it will end… But one thing is certain: some things will be no more. There will not be the same winter history, There will be no spring for the mouse, There will be no summer for Pipi. There will be no more… #sixmonthshavepassed #iamafreelancer #ifoundmyself #fulloflove #hereandnow #… director, screenwriter, operator, editor help with editing and audio sound merging #fortheloveofnature
I thank my grandmother Raisa #forsupport
I thank everyone who cheered me up and helped me English subtitles
by Pawel Rewinski #fortrust
I thank Ursula and Slawek #forthese30minutes
I thank you

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To miejsce zmienia ludzi. Tym bardziej im dłużej się tam przebywa. Trafne spostrzeżenia, ciekawie się oglądało. Twardziel jesteś, ja bym umarł ze śmiechu jak by mi te psy tak wchodziły przy brzuszkach 😉 P.S. Cynka ma sie dobrze (list 2015)


brenda Moll

Thank you for sharing! Bless you always! Namaste'!


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