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Eco-friendly SARAN wrap ball Christmas game 😱 NO PLASTIC WRAP! 😍 plastic-free green alternative

Eco-friendly SARAN wrap ball Christmas game 😱 NO PLASTIC WRAP! 😍 plastic-free green alternative

By Micah Moen 1 Comment August 14, 2019

– [Narrator] If you totally
want to play the saran wrap game with your family but
you don’t wanna feel bad about plastic, this DIY idea’s for you. So typically the saran wrap game is played by wrapping a bunch of stuff in saran wrap and that creates a lot of plastic waste. On Christmas morning you’ve got that big black trash bag full of trash. Like, let’s not add more plastic
to the mix with saran wrap. Like, it makes me feel
bad to use the saran wrap and to make a ball, you
kinda need the whole roll of saran wrap. So I put my thinking cap
on and tried to figure out some other ways to make
this saran wrap ball without plastic wrap. In this idea, the whole
thing biodegradable except for the ribbon
on the wrapping paper, but the whole thing is some
stuff that you can use. It’s not gonna be trashed. So I’m super excited to
share this idea with you and I’d love to know if you try it. Now let’s get started on this DIY. Instead of saran wrap, I’m
using socks to wrap my ball. You could use t-shirts, scarves, blankets. I have a whole list of
ideas over on my site at smart fun DIY. Just click eye icon up in the corner if you’re watching this
on YouTube to see that. You’re also gonna need fillers or things to put inside of your ball. So candies, gift cards, cash money, coins, all those kinds of things and then you’ll need a safety pin
to secure it all at the end because unlike saran wrap,
socks don’t cling to each other. And one more thing about the socks, I bought a 12 pack of
plain white crew socks. You could use any kind of socks. You could even get really fun cute socks, fuzzy socks, mix it up with
socks and t-shirts together. You don’t have to just
use plain white socks but I thought this would be the easiest for you to be able to see what’s going on here in the videos. So let’s get started with this DIY. Just lay one sock flat, or
t-shirt or whatever it is, and start rolling up the goodies inside. You could even put dollar bills. Then wrap the next sock or
t-shirt around the previous one. Now this works great
with socks because you can tuck the end inside
the top of the sock and kind of help secure it all in place, but if you’re using t-shirts you may wanna use some safety pins to
secure it or roll it all up. You can also add those
gift cards in there, like I said, cash. Make it kind of a surprise so that each different layer is
something a little bit unexpected from the previous layer. Now once you get to the end you might need to use some extra socks
or t-shirts or scarves to wrap and cover the whole thing because you don’t want them to guess what is inside when they first open it. You just want them to look
at it and be like what? It’s a ball of socks or ball of t-shirts? Once you’re down at the end,
secure that with a safety pin and then you can wrap it up. Now I wrapped mine to look
like a really big, giant candy. Now most of this is eco friendly except for the tape and the ribbon. You can recycle to
wrapping paper so you may wanna make some different
choices for your ribbon here but basically roll it up in a tube, tie the ends together. So I kinda crunched them and then used some ribbon to tie it together. And now you don’t need to do
the saran wrap ball anymore. You’ve got an eco friendly option that is gonna be super super fun for
the whole family to unwrap and you’re gonna feel good about it. If you like this DIY project, I’d love it if you gave me a thumbs up. Hit that subscribe button
here at the end of the video and click the share button. You can tweet this out,
share it on Facebook, send it to your friends, especially if this is something you
wanna do with your family that you can feel a
little bit better about this holiday season. Definitely share this with
them and start planning.

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Jessie Ward

Thank you so much for this video! I was trying to explain to my mom how we should do an eco friendly version of this game, but she didn’t like the idea because she couldn’t envision it. When I showed her this video, she got it! We are doing it tonight for our Christmas Eve party!


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