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Culture activity for teachers

Culture activity for teachers

By Micah Moen 0 Comment December 4, 2019

One activity that Janice Rankin developed
and we’ve used in the culture module is a linking activity, where we identify the different
cultures that each person is a part of. So I might identify my family, my religion,
my – the school I come – I teach at. And, and so we identify different cultures
that we belong to and then each person links to the next person through one of their cultures. So if I say I’m from Green Bay, Wisconsin
and that’s part of my culture that I belong to, then another person may say, “Yeah, I’m
from Wisconsin too.” And link up to that. And each person links to the next and form
a circle. And it really brings together the group and
makes it a comfortable learning environment. And helps us to understand the idea of culture
and the broader definition of culture and what that means for our classrooms as well. Even in areas where, where English language
learners might be a smaller percentage of our population.

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