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Civil & Environmental Engineering at Michigan

Civil & Environmental Engineering at Michigan

By Micah Moen 1 Comment November 20, 2019

[dramatic music] NARRATOR 1>>The world we’ve helped create is changing. Our cities are growing. Our energy needs are increasing. Our climate is evolving. And old ways of doing things no longer work. We are challenged to do
more and do it more efficiently. LYNCH>>Civil and environmental engineers are really at the very vanguard of the technology and the methodology solutions that are going
to address those grand challenges. It’s one of the most cutting-edge fields of
engineering today. LOVE>>The projects the students are doing – these solutions are their solutions. That for me is part of building their repertoire as global
professionals. NARRATOR 1>>We’re addressing rising sea levels and designing with an eye toward resiliency in natural and man-made habitats. NARRATOR 2>>Creating better
materials to outperform those of the past, and changing how we consume resources. NARRATOR 1>>Turning byproducts and discarded waste into reusable resources for the good of society. [drone taking off] AMMONS>>Looking at drones for reconnaissance after a natural disaster, [rushing water] controlling stormwater conduits so they
don’t overflow and looking at different filtration techniques for drinking water, things that you probably wouldn’t think about, right? The civil engineer of the future has to be
well-rounded in terms of being able to solve a variety of
different problems. FILIPOV>>We use supercomputers, we use machine learning, we use many advanced methods because the problems we have 5, 10 years from now will be different. We’re preparing them for challenges that
we don’t even know exist today. REYNOLDS>>We can physically build it and show that it has a difference rather
than just saying it has the impact. We have the ability to do that more so
than a lot of other departments. [piano music] NARRATOR 1>>We’ve been doing
this for over 180 years. Building the foundation of the world you know: The roads, bridges, tunnels, and water systems that connect the world while protecting the environment
for the next generation. NARRATOR 2>>We were the university’s first engineering department. Our alumni include both the first African-American and first female engineering graduates
at the University of Michigan. VIGNON>>I mean it just boggles my mind to think that for any of the things we do every day, at a certain point, a civil engineer must
have worked on those, or must have designed those, or must
have thought about those. LYNCH>>It’s about, essentially, individuals that truly care about making the world a
better place. FILIPOV>>This is a place where people are open to collaboration and to working together. Everybody here is really willing to work with you, and to share ideas with you, to talk with you. MENASSA>>There is a strong community-like feel to how our department is operated. AMMONS>>I think we all as civil engineers have this inherent desire to improve society. That’s kind of like the common bond that
glues us together. NARRATOR 1>>As civil and environmental engineers at the University of Michigan, we work in service to society for the common good. The challenges are there and so are we.

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